Where should I throw sex underwear

What are the processing methods of sex underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear that can add sexual life.However, what should I do when sexy underwear is worn, deformed, or no longer used?Here are several sexy underwear treatment methods.

Throw a garbage bin

If the damage to sex underwear is severe or unavailable, you can throw it into a trash can or for garbage classification.However, when dealing, pay attention to protecting personal privacy and prevent being discovered or used by others. It can be installed in other items or wrapped in wrapping paper.


Compared with other clothes, sexy underwear has fewer people, but some charity groups will collect these items and provide help to those in need.If the erotic underwear looks relatively new and has enough cleaning ingredients, you can consider donating to these institutions.

Recovery station

Some sexy underwear manufacturers or merchants may provide recycling services.You can contact the merchant to consult their recycling plan and specific processing methods in order to make the best choices.

Process by yourself

Some sexy underwear may not be processed independently, as small or metal accessories may have a negative impact on the environment.However, these erotic underwear may still have certain value, and may become new art or decorations after processing their own processing.Specific processing methods can be adjusted according to personal needs.

Exchange activities

In the locking group, some enthusiasts will hold a sexy underwear exchange activity. In this activity, you can exchange sexy underwear with others to add your own collection.If you want to join the group of enthusiasts, you can go to social networking sites to find a communication community or gathering event about this.

As a collection

Interest underwear has high artistic value, so they can become precious collectibles and add fun to our lives.You can save sexy underwear in your personal display space, or give them to sexy underwear artists, and add color to your own or their collection galleries.

Give it to a friend

If it is properly cleaned and in appropriate cases, sexy underwear can become a good gift.When receiving fun underwear from others, it will give people a sense of surprise or accident to increase the friendship between the two parties.

Leisure publicity release

If emotional underwear is idle for some reasons, such as is not suitable for wearing or color transfer problems, you can consider publishing it as an idle item to the network platform, such as Taobao or idle fish.This can help those in need and solve the problem of occupying space.

Into the second -hand trading market

Sex underwear can be sold as a product in the second -hand trading market.Of course, it is necessary to make it appropriately, and you should respect the privacy of others when selling.During the sales process, it is necessary to follow the rules of the second -hand item market and ensure that the transaction process is fair and reasonable.

Final point of view

Interest underwear is a special underwear. If it cannot be used, it is necessary to consider how to deal with it properly, so that it can reduce waste and protect the environment.When choosing a processing method, you need to consider the degree of wear of sexy underwear and the needs of the crowd, choose the most suitable processing method, and give full play to the value of sexy underwear.

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