Whether the sex lingerie is clean


Interest underwear is part of modern people’s lives. It can not only bring sexual fun, but also add fun and stimulation to sex.However, for many people, they may worry about whether the underwear is clean.This article will explore the sanitation of sexy underwear and provide some practical solutions.

Frequency use of sexy underwear

The first thing to know is that the frequency of sexy underwear is a major factor that affects its sanitation.If you only wear sexy underwear on special occasions, such as the wedding anniversary or birthday, then the sexy underwear should be relatively clean.However, if you often wear sexy underwear, such as several times a week, the situation is different.

How to clean erotic underwear

Cleaning sex underwear is the key to maintaining its hygiene.Here are some commonly used cleaning methods:

Hand washing: Wash the sexy underwear with warm water and non -powerful cleaner, and then dry it.

Washing machine cleaning: Although most sexy underwear labels are marked with non -machine washing, some luxurious sexy underwear may be cleaned with washing machines, but it still needs to be used with caution.

Disinfection: Use disinfectant or high temperature sterilization.

How to store sexy underwear

Storage of sexy underwear is also important. The following is some ways to store sexy underwear:

Avoid stacking: It is best to store it separately to avoid mixing with other clothes.

Wide -proof: Interesting underwear should be stored in a dry place to avoid moisture and moisture.

Keep the shape: Fun underwear should be kept in the original shape when stored to avoid deformation.

How to judge whether sex underwear needs to be cleaned

Many people want to know how to judge whether sexy underwear needs to be cleaned.Different people have different body tastes, so the answer to this question is not uniform.Generally speaking, if you feel that sexy underwear shows a odor or visible bacteria, please note that it needs to be cleaned.

Sanitary cycle of sex underwear

The sanitary cycle error of sexy underwear, the direct factors are the number of uses, sweating, and the comfort of the wearer.If you keep hygienic, you can extend the cycle of sexy underwear.If it is not cleaned for too long, the bacteria will be full, which will affect health.

Common sanitary habits

Here are some common wrong hygiene habits.

For a long time without cleaning: If you are used to wearing the same sexy underwear for a long time, it may accumulate a lot of sweat, oil and bacteria, so it needs to be cleaned in time.

Share sex underwear: Too much sharing is easy to spread virus, so do not share sex underwear.

How to buy sexy underwear that suits you

The right choice is equally important to buy sexy underwear.Here are some precautions for buying sexy underwear:

Accurate size: The tightness of sex underwear is very strong, and accurate size is required to avoid uncomfortable wear.

Comfort: Choose and comfortable sexy underwear, which can keep your body in a relaxed state when keeping clean and hygienic.

Fabric: Select erotic underwear made of fabrics with good quality and breathability.

in conclusion

Good hygiene habits can affect the service life of sexy underwear. It can avoid infection and fundamentally improve the quality of sexy underwear.Through the correct cleaning and storage method, you can ensure the hygiene of sexy underwear and extend its service life.

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