Which is the best selling underwear or socks

Which is the best selling underwear or socks

Introduction and background

Sexual feelings of sexy underwear and fashion socks are common women’s clothing items. There are obvious differences in sales between the two.But which one is more popular?This article will analyze the sales of sexy underwear and socks by analyzing market demand, price, seasonality and materials.

Market demand

In terms of market demand, the characteristics of sexy underwear have always been a popular item purchased by women with their sexy, romantic and personalized characteristics.Different colors, styles and textures can also meet consumers’ needs for personalization and diversity.In contrast, socks, as a necessity of daily wear, have a stronger level of consumption.The value of high -end socks is relatively high, and it is more sought after by young people and fashion people.Comprehensive consideration, sales of sexy underwear are more stable and sustainable.


In terms of price, the price of sexy underwear is relatively high, because the types and fabrics they require are more expensive.Generally speaking, the price of a set of erotic underwear is between hundreds of yuan and thousands of yuan.In contrast, the price of socks is relatively close to the people. Generally speaking, it can be around 20 yuan to 50 yuan.Although the price of sexy underwear is higher, as people’s awareness of sexual culture has increased, the sex underwear market still has a lot of room for growth and potential.


Interest underwear and socks have different sales in different seasons.In spring and summer, people generally wear light sandals, high heels, etc. The demand for fashion socks is relatively large, and sexy underwear is less restricted by seasonal.However, in the cold autumn and winter seasons, the demand for sexy underwear will increase, and the effects of seasonal sales will be more obvious.


Materials are important factors that determine the quality and comfort of sexy underwear and socks.Sex underwear usually uses high -grade fabrics, such as silk, lace, etc. This material has high quality and touch, and the price is correspondingly high.Socks usually use cotton, wool, silk and other materials, which are relatively more affordable, and they pay more attention to the antibacteriality and breathability of socks.All in all, the materials used by the two products are very different, determining their differences in pricing and quality.

Store Display

Sexy underwear and socks are obviously different in the way of shop display.Sexy underwear display is usually reflected in the counter or online store of the mall. The main push is its sexy and sensory experience.Socks are usually sold in counter or supermarkets in the mall, mainly to attract customers by their comfort and use value.The two in the shop’s display and demonstration also determine their differences in the desire and purchasing power of customers.

Market and channel

Sex underwear and socks are also different in market channels.The latter can be sold in professional socks stores, supermarkets and other localities, and sexy underwear is usually sold in sexual cultural products stores, online stores and other sales.The target market and consumer groups of the two are also significantly different.Socks are mainly covered with young people and the elderly, and the age group of sexy underwear is mainly between 20 and 40 years old, and overseas markets are also wide.

Sales user research

Market research shows that the sales and prices of sexy underwear have continued to rise, especially when the Internet era is inspecting people’s more and more enthusiastic and pursuit of personalization in the Internet era, the market for sales of sexy underwear is already mature, and it has it.Obvious inertia.Due to the price advantage of being close to life, comfort and relative to the people, its sales have obvious advantages in sales in the mass market, but correspondingly, the growth space and increase in their sales volume are less.


In terms of sales profits, sexy underwear is usually relatively large, and the corresponding market competition is also fierce.In terms of sock sales, profit margins and market risks are relatively small.With the expansion of the market size, the strengthening of the sales channel network, and the shift of the focus of brand attention to high -end markets and e -commerce, the profit margin of sexy underwear will continue to increase.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear and socks are significantly different in terms of market demand, seasonal, price, materials, store display, market channels, sales user research and profits.Although both products have their own market and competitive advantages, sex underwear has more stable and continuous sales advantages due to the support of factors such as sexual characteristics, personalization and brand effects.After market research and analysis, the conclusion is that sex underwear is a better sales option.

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