Which posture of sexy underwear is more attractive


For beautiful women, sexy underwear is an important medium to enhance self -confidence, and also plays a very important role in sexual life.From the perspective of color, style, fabric, design, etc., the application and effect of sexy underwear are very extensive.So, what kind of posture is more attractive to wear?In this article, we will analyze the performance of different sexy underwear in sex and give some suggestions, hoping to help you choose the most suitable sexy underwear for you.

Belly Boat -style erotic underwear

The bellyband -style sexy underwear is basically one of the underwear and bra, and there are few fabrics complete. It is very unique in sex, especially in some special occasions. It may be used in public places.It will bring discomfort.However, if you want to gradually heat up the atmosphere, such a sexy underwear is still a good choice, which can bring strong visual stimuli and make both parties have strong sexual desire.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is very suitable for those women who want to add soft and tempting to their bodies.The sexy lace fabric makes the skin softer and more comfortable, and its complicated patterns and different levels of yarn make people have a strong beauty, and it will make you more feminine.At the same time, in sex, lace sexy underwear also has very good results, which can bring stronger sexual stimuli while enhancing the atmosphere.

Perfecting sexy underwear

Performance of sexy underwear is very wide. It can not only add sexy and temptation, but also wear more decent on some special occasions.It has a transparent effect to varying degrees, which can make people look at it at a glance, but there is a certain reservation, which makes people have stronger sexual fantasy.In sex, perspective sexy underwear can also bring very good results, make the two sides more crazy, and sexual desire will become stronger.

Tape sexy underwear

The appearance of the tape sexy underwear looks even less than the bellyband -type sexy underwear mentioned above, and only some sexy charm can control it.However, it is a kind of sexy underwear that has the strongest sexual stimulation in sex.Putting on a tape sexy underwear, it feels naked, making sexual desire unwell, and this sexy underwear can directly solve the roll between the tape and keep it tight.

Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point erotic underwear is a very common sexy underwear. It can be worn on the body and uses it in handy when sex.It has three attachment points, which is fixed with fine rope, which can be adjusted and matched arbitrarily to adapt to a variety of different figures.Wearing a three -point sexy underwear can show the sexy body lines, it is also effective in sex, which can bring a unique experience.

Fairy underwear

Because the open -stall underwear is called "open crotch pants", and only a few women understand its use in sex, so it is relatively unpopular in the market.In sex, it can make sex more convenient, and fundamentally resolves the contradiction between conviction and sex. For some husbands and wives with greater sexual interests, it is a very good choice.

Nets Eyes Sex Plate

The sexy underwear of the net can be divided into two types: large net and small net. The small nets are thinner and the large nets are thicker.It looks very sensitive and fragile on the surface, but it is actually very useful in sex.Putting it can allow both parties to enjoy the collaborative stimulation of visual and touch, and enhance the tacit understanding and interaction between couples.

Rest up sexy underwear

Best love underwear has a variety of ropes and adjustment methods, so that the wearer cannot use both hands or feet, and keep it keenly aware of his physical location and perception.New experience.Putting on a fun underwear can make people’s stimulus more concentrated, and at the same time increase the pain or soft feeling, so that the sexual desires of the two parties can be deepened and satisfied.

Cat Woman sexy underwear

Cat women’s sexy underwear plays sexy underwear with some animal patterns or cat ears.Using cat women’s sexy underwear in sex will add some cute elements, making both parties closer and tacit.Especially in the role -playing activities, it can better increase the continuity of emotion and quality of sex.

Pink sexy lingerie

Pink sexy underwear has almost exerted women’s softness and color to the extreme. The color tone is biased towards pink, which can attract more male eyes, and at the same time make the sex of both sides smoother.Another advantage of this sexy underwear is that it is not as gentle as other sexy underwear.


In the process of choosing sexy underwear, the first thing to pay attention to is the psychological satisfaction, comfort and security, and ensure a good experience in these three factors.Secondly, choosing sexy underwear that is consistent with your body, personality, skin, and marriage is the most important.The last thing to explain is that whether or not we wear sexy underwear, sex itself is a very wonderful thing. The key is to hope that the two parties will maintain high -quality sex and give sufficient trust and understanding in sex.

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