Why do men like sexy shells

Men like sexy underwear, which is a very common phenomenon.From ancient times to the present, sexy underwear has been a popular category of sex toys, and it is the first choice for millions of men.So why do men like sexy underwear?Its appeal is related to many factors such as male physiology, social culture, and sexual desire.The following analysis is performed in detail.

1. The sexy appearance that causes male visual stimulus

"Eye" is the biggest feature of sexy underwear.Because the design pays more attention to visual effects, the style is diverse, the color is bright, the feel is smooth, and the figure of the woman behind it is more obvious and sexy.For men, this sexy appearance will cause their physical impulse and enhance sexual desire.

2. Make men feel the active and passive pleasure experience

For most men, sexy underwear gives them an active and passive appreciation experience. Especially in sex, this experience will increase the excitement and feeling of men’s excitement and feelings, creating a more wonderful sex experience.

3. Sexual moments given to sex experience

In addition to improving men’s sexyness to women, sexy underwear can also stimulate women’s sexual desire and enhance their confidence.Therefore, at the moment of sex, men like women to wear sexy underwear, because they can also get a lot of fun experience from them, and they can enjoy the fun experience.

4. Meet the deterrent and control of men

Men are born with strong deterrence and desire to control. Interesting underwear can not only show women’s beauty, but also further enhance the sense of control of men. Through erotic underwear, men can show their own deterrent and control and satisfy their psychological desires.

5. Bring a more harmonious sex relationship

Interest underwear can bring harmony of sex, including the functions and service content of sexy underwear itself, which can help a few women alleviate the coldness and pain of sex, increase their attention to sex, add pleasure, and bring richer sexual sex.Experience, closer the relationship between men and women.

6. Remove sexuality and fatigue, reduce sexual pressure

For people who need a lot of physical skills such as sports and professional skills, they face the pressure of physical fatigue every day. At this time, sexy underwear can help them change and vent in sexual experience, thereby removing confidence and mental stress.

7. Improve men’s personal charm

Interest underwear not only enhances the charm of female image, but also does not make men monotonous in sexual experience, can enhance men’s personal charm, and cultivate sexy charm and life atmosphere.Studies have shown that the more sexy sexy underwear, the more women will be attracted.

8. Get the greatest sex experience

In the process of sex, wearing sexy underwear can enhance that unique pleasure, not only stronger stimulation, but also unforgettable, allowing men to get the greatest sex experience.

Summary: Men like sexy underwear because of many reasons.From the starting point, men hope to get more changes and extra enjoyment in sexual behavior, and the sexy nerves of men are more sensitive to color, texture, visual effects, etc., so sexy underwear is greatly attractive.If women wear sexy underwear, they can not only improve their charm, but also meet the needs and expectations of men, make sex more creative and beautiful.

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