Why is it allowed to sell sexy underwear


The special category of sexy underwear has aroused widespread attention and discussion.Some people think that this is an unhealthy, damaged behavior, and some people support this behavior.However, no matter what attitude is adopted, it is not possible to recognize the interesting underwear market.So why is it allowed to sell sexy underwear?The following is the discussion of this issue in this article.

Sex is a kind of freedom

People do not need morality, religion or other standards in their own lives.Although sometimes the other party’s behavior may be a bit different or it looks uncomfortable, this should not prevent them from making their choices.If they like sexy underwear, they have the right to choose freely.

Sexy underwear encouraging sexual health

Interest underwear is not just to sell some eroticism. In fact, sexy underwear also helps sexual health and sex.For example, sexy lingerie, bikini, sweater and deformation bra, etc., all can enhance a person’s self -confidence and attractiveness.To a certain extent, they can enhance the sexual attraction between couples, so they can better enjoy sexual life.

Sexy underwear can enhance emotional and physical attractions

When buyers buy sexy underwear, they often hope to add some benefits to existing physical attractiveness.Unique clothes will not only increase a person’s self -confidence, but also increase the emotional attraction between them.These emotions and physical attractiveness can maintain the stability of consolidating the relationship between couples.

Do not violate moral guidelines

Interest underwear is not regarded as a violation of moral guidelines because they have not caused any harm.On the contrary, sexy underwear is very important for sex education, security, and how to protect their rights in sex.In dealing with some difficult sex topics, sexy underwear is a useful tool.It allows people to explore their desires in a pressureless environment.

The law is not prohibited from selling

In many countries, the sales of erotic underwear are legal because they are not immoral or illegal items.On the contrary, they are included in the business environment, just like all other clothes and clothing.

Follow the market

The attention of sexy underwear has continued to expand the market scale.This also means that it has increased business opportunities and created job opportunities for a large number of personnel.

The scope expands to men and homosexuals

There is no actual gender barrier between couples. In many cases, men will be given more role demands to meet their sexual needs.This is a very useful behavior because it increases the opportunity and attitude of men to grasp their own gender.

Strengthen the self -recognition of individual self -recognition

The sexual activity of seductive self -recognition in the sexy underwear market is helpful for self -physical form and sexual role identity.When a person confidently puts a sexy chest on the chest, he feels a strong sense of self -recognition.

Knowing the importance of gender equality

The existence of sexy underwear tells us that there is no difference between men and women.In order to make money, the business entities will be committed to building a more complex and more in line with sports concepts. Therefore, the boundaries of gender will blur with the change of time and market.

in conclusion

In general, in the course of the development of the sexy underwear market, the action of allowing sex underwear is actually reasonable and supportive.It can improve people’s level of sex and sexual health, and create employment opportunities for many people.At the same time, this behavior has also strengthened individual self -recognition and promoted the establishment of gender equality.

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