Why is sexy underwear uncomfortable

Why is sexy underwear uncomfortable

For women, sexy underwear is an important fashion item that can enhance self -confidence and show curve beauty.However, many women will find that wearing erotic underwear is not comfortable, and tingling, marks, allergies, etc. may occur.So why are some erotic underwear uncomfortable?Let’s analyze it together.

1. The size is not appropriate

When choosing a sexy underwear, the selection of the size is very important.Some women choose too much size to pursue comfort, while others choose small size to show sexy.But in fact, wearing inappropriate sexy underwear can cause discomfort and harm.If it is too large, it will cause the underwear to slide or relax during exercise, and it will be stinging and leaving problems such as tingling.

2. Material discomfort

The material of sexy underwear has an important impact on comfort.Some cheap erotic underwear may use low -quality materials, which can cause allergies or skin tingling.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, it is best to choose high -quality, friendly fabrics, such as silk and cotton natural materials.

3. Inappropriate shape

Different erotic underwear has different shapes, suitable for different occasions and body shapes.For example, Kimono’s sexy underwear is suitable for women with fat and thin proportion "golden duck type", while women with elegant temperament are suitable for choosing thin sexy lingerie with lace.If you choose a sexy underwear that does not meet the personal body and temperament, it will reduce the comfort and wear effect.

4. Excessive steel ring

Many sexy lingerie will add steel rings to shape the chest shape and improve support.However, if the selected steel ring material is not good or too strong, it will cause chest discomfort, and even traces of traces or scratch the skin.The steel ring should be soft, comfortable and supportive, not hard and difficult to bend.

5. The layout is not coordinated

The layout of sexy underwear needs to consider the flow line of the body to avoid friction, marks and discomfort.The design of some sexy underwear may ignore the curve of the body, causing friction and marks.For example, if the strap of the corset is too tight, it will leak out the pain and marks on the shoulders.

6. No adjustment band

For women with outstanding chest and back lines, adjustment bands are essential.The adjustment band can be adjusted according to the personal body shape and curve to achieve comfortable dressing effects.If there is no adjustment belt or the adjustment zone is small, it will cause the movement and discomfort of the underwear.

7. Precision

Some sexy underwear may add a lot of modifications, such as feather, sequins, flash, etc.Although these decorations can improve their aesthetics, they may reduce the breathability of sexy underwear and make the wearer feel sultry and discomfort.

8. Quality issue

Some erotic underwear may be poor in quality, and there are flaws and problems.It is best to choose regular brands or shops when buying, and conduct quality testing.If you buy poor quality sexy underwear, it will not only cause damage to the body, but also affect the beauty and wear effect.

In summary, there may be many reasons for uncomfortable sexy underwear. It is necessary to comprehensively consider personal size, material, shape, steel ring, layout, adjustment band, breathability and quality.Only the appropriate erotic underwear can bring a beautiful and healthy dressing experience.

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