Why is the sexy underwear so cheap

1. Fierce market competition

With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, the number of brands has increased, and market competition has become increasingly fierce.In order to occupy an advantage in the market, manufacturers need to appropriately reduce the price to attract consumers.Therefore, the price of sexy underwear is getting cheaper.

2. Simple material and design

In the production process, the price is an important factor in which material and design.Most of the economic and practical sexy underwear uses simpler materials and design. The cost of these materials and design is relatively low, and the production process is relatively simple, so the price is cheap.

3. The promotion cost is relatively low

Compared with many other products, the promotion cost of sexy underwear is relatively low.In most cases, brands are mainly expanding their popularity through social media promotion and word -of -mouth publicity, which can reduce advertising costs.Therefore, the overall cost is reduced, and the price is cheap.

4. The production scale effect is obvious

The more sexy underwear produces a company that produces sexy underwear, the lower the production cost of each sexy underwear.As a result, the overall cost is reduced as the production scale expands.At the same time, these manufacturers can also get more discounts, such as discounts in materials procurement and transportation, which also reduces its production cost.

5. Low online sales model cost

Some sexy underwear brands are mainly sold online.The cost of this sales model is usually lower than that of offline stores, because these brands do not need to pay high rent, employees, decoration shops and other costs.Therefore, the price of sexy underwear sold online is relatively low.

6. Relatively small profit margin

The market price of sexy underwear is relatively low, which is mainly due to the relatively small profit margin of sex underwear.Because sexy underwear is consumer goods, consumers usually choose brands and prices carefully.Therefore, while stable costs of sexy underwear brands, they need to control the price appropriately to ensure consumer demand.

7. Supply chain optimization

Fun underwear brands can reduce costs by optimizing the supply chain.By establishing long -term cooperative relationships with suppliers, brands can reduce material procurement costs.Brands can also reduce production costs by improving production efficiency and reducing waste products.The efforts of this series can make the price of the brand’s sexy underwear more economical and practical.

8. Facing the mass market

Compared to high -end underwear and customized underwear, sexy underwear is a market for ordinary consumers.These consumers usually do not spend too much money to buy sexy underwear.Therefore, sexy underwear brands need to attract these consumers at lower prices.

9. The main trend is popular

Most of the time, the sexy lingerie brand will focus on the trend.Considering that the frequency of sexy underwear is relatively low, consumers are more inclined to buy a simple but fashionable sexy underwear when buying.Therefore, brands usually choose more affordable price strategies to attract more consumers.

10. Low profit returns fast

Interest underwear brands usually sell products with a large demand for low -priced sales.The profits of these products are relatively low, but the brand’s sales volume is relatively high, and the sales return is relatively fast, so the brand can achieve net profit in a short period of time.


The low price of sexy underwear is the result of the comprehensive effect of many factors.Factors such as fierce market competition, simple materials and design, relatively low promotion costs, low production scale effects and low cost of online sales models, supply chain optimization, facing the mass market, the main trend of trend, and low profit return are all leading to sexy underwear.An important reason for low price.

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