Why is there only women’s sexy underwear

Why is there only women’s sexy underwear?

When it comes to sexy underwear, we usually think of women wearing sexy, seductive underwear and accessories.But why can only women enjoy the fun of wearing?Let’s analyze this problem from several aspects.

1. The influence of traditional culture

In traditional Chinese culture, women’s bodies are considered privacy and mysterious, so women’s underwear has more aesthetic and decorative.Men are regarded as the manifestation of masculinity, wearing more important underwear wearing functionality and practicality.Such concepts have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, even if the sexual concept of modern society has changed a lot, it is difficult to change quickly.

2. Market demand

With the development of economy and society, women gradually have more self -awareness and social status.In this context, women’s demand for sexy underwear and accessories has continued to increase.Therefore, almost all of the sexy underwear products in the market are facing women.

3. Social mentality influence

There is a wide range of knowledge in the society, that is, men wearing sexy underwear are not necessary, and even have certain oppression and discrimination.These mentality comes not only from traditional culture, but also influenced by the stereotypes of men’s own thinking and the stereotype of gender character inherent in society.This is also the reason why men’s sexy underwear is difficult to become the mainstream of the market.

4. Differences in the body structure of men and women

There are certain differences between men and women.Men’s reproductive organs need more space and cover, while women’s breasts need better support and shaping.Therefore, in the design and manufacturing of underwear, the distinction between men and women’s products is necessary, and sexy underwear, as a more special underwear, naturally designed and produced the physical characteristics of men and women.

5. Differences of gender positioning

Men and women have different needs in gender positioning.Women tend to be passive and want to be appreciated and tolerated by men; men tend to actively, dominate and control, hoping to make women more sexy, seductive and obedient.Therefore, sexy underwear, as a tool for gender awakening, serves more men’s sexual desire and sexy.

6. Restrictions on social ethics and laws and regulations

In modern society, people still have different views on sex, and sexy underwear, as a close relationship with sex, has naturally been limited by morality, laws and regulations.In this context, society’s acceptance and recognition of men’s sexy underwear is low.


Although the love underwear market is mainly aimed at women in reality, this does not mean that men cannot enjoy the fun brought by sexy underwear.Although the market size of men’s sexy underwear is relatively small, many fans still have a soft spot for it.If we can surpass ideological restrictions and the constraints of traditional culture, and make the design of underwear more diverse and tolerant, I believe that the future of men’s sex underwear will be more broad and beautiful.

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