Will you wear a fun underwear at night at night

Newlywed Night’s Sex Underwear

For many newcomers, the wedding night is very special, making people want to make all the preparations as well as possible, and one of the details is whether to wear sex underwear.It is largely a personal choice or not to wear sexy underwear, but some considerations must also be considered.

is it suitable

First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the sexy underwear is appropriate.We cannot ignore our body shape. If the sexy underwear we choose is not suitable for our body, it may make us feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.Newlywed night is a night that is both looking forward to and nervous, and needs to relax and comfort as much as possible.

The color of sexy underwear

Secondly, we need to consider the color choice of sexy underwear.Most people think of bright red or black when choosing sexy, but some people choose light -colored sexy underwear.This mainly depends on personal character and taste. Some people think that the bright colors will attract the little groom more, and some people will like more vague temperament.

Sexy atmosphere

No matter what color you choose, the design of sexy underwear needs to be sexy.The soft material and peculiar design are important.Good erotic underwear design can add a lot of color to love in the confused new wedding night.

Whether sexy underwear is suitable for occasions

It is worth mentioning that considering the factors, the choice of sexy underwear needs to be at least cautious.If the newcomer plans to spend vacations or villas to spend new wedding nights, then the possibility of sexy underwear display is even greater.If the newcomer plans to spend at home, the choice of sexy underwear needs to be considered more comprehensive.

Natural and comfortable body

If the newcomer is slim and fair -skinned, it will be more natural to wear sexy underwear.And newcomers with a slightly fat body and not smooth skin. After wearing sexy underwear, it may affect the natural feeling of the body.Therefore, choosing the right sexy underwear requires relaxation and careful consideration.


What you need to consider is the sexy level of sexy underwear.Although many people think that wearing sexy underwear is a bit sexy, there are some sexy underwear design that is not actually so "exposed", so when buying in this regard, you also need to consider and grasp it.

Falling underwear comfort

For sexy underwear, comfort is a very important indicator. Some erotic underwear design is complicated. The location of the buttons and buttons is very delicate.Feeling.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to consider comfort carefully to experience whether it is appropriate.

Mentality and confidence

In addition to the quality of sex lingerie, the most important thing is our mentality and confidence.The wedding night was originally a psychological contest. It needs enough mentality preparation and psychological confidence in order to make yourself perform naturally and relaxed at night.On this basis, appropriate sexy underwear can improve our temperament and self -confidence, and make us perform more confident and decent at night.

Communicate with partner

The last point is to communicate with the partner.If you have determined whether you want to wear sexy lingerie, I suggest you share your thoughts with your partner, so that your lover has enough preparation and corresponding expectations.In addition, during the whole process of wearing a sexy underwear, if there are any places that are uncomfortable, communicate and adjust with your partner in time, so that you can spend a beautiful new wedding night.

in conclusion

In general, choosing to wear sexy underwear still requires personal decisions, and also requires comprehensive consideration of the above -mentioned factors.Putting the right sexy underwear can make you more confident and attractive, but what we need is to show the most authentic self on the wedding night.Don’t deliberately pursue perfect and certain sexy standards, win in nature, but also love.

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