Women’s Internet celebr

Women’s network celebrities wearing fun underwear: sexy, fiery, moving, this is no longer new.Whether it is displaying their figure in the live broadcast room, or exposed to their beauty photos in social media, sexy underwear has become the trend fashion of modern women.This article will introduce you to the favorite lingerie of female net reds, let you understand the classic styles and aesthetics behind sexy and charming.

1. Grid sexy underwear

Grid erotic underwear is a classic style with a variety of different designs and styles.Grid underwear can also be divided into transparent, translucent, non -transparent and other styles.Wearing grid underwear, you can show your body curve and sexy temperament, fashionable and sexy.

2. Stockings sex underwear

Stockings are sexy, fashionable and commonly used sexy underwear.Taking black stockings as an example, wearing stockings can make the leg lines longer, the chest is fuller, and the hips are more raised.At the same time, the combination of stockings and high heels can show women’s elegance and beauty.

3. Open placket sexual sheet

Lucky lingerie is a relatively common hollow design.Lacop underwear shows a sexy and beautiful neckline design, which can be adjusted as needed, such as tight or loose.Wearing this underwear can not only show the female body curve, but also add sexy atmosphere and make you more charming.

4. Strait sexy underwear

Hanging underwear is a very classic sexy underwear.This style can have a variety of different design styles, such as transparent, hollow, sequins, lace, etc.Putting on a suspender sexy underwear can add fashion and artistic sense at the same time as sexy and charming.

5. Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear is one of the most representative underwear.Underwear is divided into two parts, upper, lower parts and a connection curve.Three -point underwear can maximize the curve of women’s bodies and enhance the sexy atmosphere of women.Not only that, this underwear can also meet the needs of various personality in color and package selection.


Funding underwear is a relatively novel underwear style.This underwear is displayed in the form of lace, beach and underwear.It does not require belts, shoulder straps, or other fixed things. It is a natural underwear that is not equipped with a sensible strap.

7. Sexy leather and sexy underwear

Sexy leather and sexy underwear is a more special underwear.This underwear is decorated with leather, chain and hardware, making women look more sexy, powerful and independent, becoming a underwear with power and charm.

8. Breast Enhance

Breast -enhancement underwear is a kind of underwear launched for women’s body defects.This underwear can bring greatly improvement to the feminine temperament and make your figure rejuvenate.Breast -enhancement underwear can add cushions and fillers with auxiliary effects, so that the chest is "plump" everywhere, making sexy and health.

9. Bringing strains sexy underwear

Belt and sexy underwear is a relatively special underwear style.This underwear can be adjusted well according to the size of the woman and the need for good adjustment, and the actual effect of fine strips, fine mouths and thin bands is more obvious.When it is paired with chest stickers and high heels, women’s charm and sexy are more charming.

10. Comb -like sexy underwear

Comb -like sexy underwear is a relatively special, classic underwear style.This underwear is translucent, transparent, hollow, cross, strap, lace and other different designs, making women more artistic and feminine.

Viewpoint: Women’s net red wearing sexy underwear is not only one of the representatives of modern fashion, but also represents the display of women’s posture and temperament.Which erotic underwear is best for you, comprehensive considerations should be made according to personal hobbies, figures, temperament and occasions.Those who love beauty make themselves shine and exude sexy atmosphere of confidence.

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