Women’s sexy underwear in Jingdong 1 store

Women’s sexy underwear in Jingdong 1 store

With the development of society, the demand for erotic underwear is increasing.From traditional black transparent underwear to the current marine style and lace style, sexy underwear is becoming more and more diverse, which can meet the needs of different women.As one of the largest online stores in China, there are many types of sexy underwear in Jingdong 1 store and are convenient to buy.Here are some common women’s sexy underwear:

1. Sexy underwear suit

The sexy lingerie set includes a variety of styles of sexy underwear with different colors and styles, such as split lace underwear suits, small vest princess underwear suits, etc.The sexy lingerie set not only makes women more sexy, but also meets the visual effects of men.

2. Interest stockings

Interest stockings are an indispensable part of women’s sexy underwear.The style of stockings is becoming more and more diverse now, from exquisite lace stockings to casual short stockings.Interest stockings can be used with sexy underwear, such as black stockings and black underwear.

3. chest sticker

The chest sticker is sticked out of the areola, which plays the role of covering the nipples and preventing perspective.The chest sticker is suitable for women who do not want to wear underwear, but also for women who like low -cut clothes.

4. Sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas use the softness of pajamas cloth itself to highlight the body curve of women.Different from sexy underwear, it pays more attention to comfort.Sexy pajamas usually use lace, silk and other fabrics, and the colors are more vivid and delicate.

5. Fasting short skirt

Funny skirt, also known as lace skirt, is one of the classic styles in sexy women’s clothing.Skirts usually use lace and transparent fabrics. Its short and transparent can make women’s figures and legs more slender.

6. Sexy underwear back

Sexy underwear back is a very popular underwear style.It is usually made of tulle. The back -back design can better display the back curve of women and highlight the sexy charm of women.

7. Super shorts

Super shorts are a beautiful and meal underwear. It is characterized by very short, usually exposing the thighs or hips.It is more worn with other erotic underwear such as corset.

8. Dandelion Series

The dandelion series is one of the main women’s sex lingerie series of Jingdong 1 store. It gives people a sense of exquisite, romantic, and tenderness.Use transparent, lace and other materials to reveal the tenderness of women.

9. Red Sexy Series

The color of red is one of the representative colors of sexy underwear.The red sexy series is one of the other important women’s sexy underwear series in Jingdong No. 1 store. It is characterized by red, high color saturation, making women more energetic.

10. Lace series

The characteristics of the lace series are exquisite lace. The lace underwear is exquisite and soft. It will not feel skin -skinned on the body.There are many colors in the lace series, but the most common is black and white.

In short, the women’s sexy lingerie in JD 1 store has a variety of styles, and each sexy underwear has unique and charming characteristics.Whether it is seeking a romantic feeling or seductive lover, women can always find their favorite sexy underwear.

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