Women’s underwear Interests No gear

Women’s underwear Interests No gear

Women’s underwear is divided into many types in the market. Among them, sexual erotic lingerie is a type of underwear that is popular with many women. It makes women more confident and sexy.In sexy underwear, no gearwear is a popular choice.This article will focus on introducing women’s underwear and sexy underwear.

1. What is fileless underwear

There is no underwear with no hooks or other materials inside. It does not involve hooks and buttons during the design process, making women more comfortable when wearing.The choice -free underwear style includes bras, underwear, body shaping and tights.

2. Style without file underwear

There are many styles without gearwear, including stockings, tights, chest wrap, and all kinds of shoulder -free bra.The style of no underwear makes women feel more sexy and gorgeous.

3. breathable material

No -gear underwear requires breathable materials, such as cotton, fiber, and silk to prevent excessive sweating and imperfect skin.Among them, cotton is more suitable for summer and sports, while silk and fiber are more suitable for autumn and winter.

4. Design for different body and temperament

Because each woman’s body and temperament are different, you need to choose the appropriate style and material according to your own figure when choosing a generous underwear.For women who want to correct their figure, tight -fitting underwear will be the best choice.


Wearing no gearwear requires certain skills.First of all, women should choose underwear that is suitable for their size. If the underwear is loose or tight, it will affect the comfort.Secondly, women need to wear correctly and make sure that they are not wrong.

6. Disadvantages

Although the comfort of no underwear is very good, if wearing it for a long time, some adverse reactions may occur.For example, because there is no buckle or hook to provide support, female breasts will also be affected.

7. Storage and maintenance of no underwear

The storage and maintenance of no underwear is very simple. Put the underwear in a breathable place to avoid contact with water, which will reduce the life of the underwear.The underwear should be washed and dried at hand, and do not dry it with a dryer.

8. Applicable occasions

No gear -free underwear is very suitable for wearing in special occasions, such as party, weddings, dating, etc.This underwear makes women feel more comfortable and confident, and can also improve the sexy temperament of women.

9. Steps to wear no gearwear

First of all, it takes enough time to wear all preparations for file -free underwear.Women need to surround their bra first and wear their shoulder straps normally.Then wear no underwear together.

10. Conclusion

No underwear is a very useful underwear, which provides women with wider choices.Wearing no underwear makes women feel more confident and sexy, so it has become a very popular type in the women’s underwear market.

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