Women’s underwear sex lingerie prices

The type and price factors of women’s underwear

Women’s underwear is an important clothing worn by women. There are many types and different prices. They are mainly divided into three types: daily wearing underwear, sports underwear and sexy lingerie.Among them, wearing underwear is relatively cheaper in daily lingerie, and the price of sexy underwear is higher, because it has special design and fabric requirements.

Daily wearing underwear price factors

Daily wearing underwear usually refers to daily necessary underwear such as bras, underwear, and bodybuilding. The price is mainly related to fabrics, craftsmanship and brand.The fabric is divided into natural materials and synthetic materials, and the price of natural materials is relatively high; craftsmanship is divided into manual and machine production, handmade production price is high; brand influence and market competitiveness will also affect prices.

Price factor of sports underwear

Sports underwear is mainly used for sports occasions. It has the characteristics of shockproof and breathable, and the price is relatively high.Price factors are mainly related to materials, brands and functions.Different functions require different functions. For example, running underwear requires a slowdown design, while yoga underwear needs to be breathable and tight.

Interests of underwear price factors

Sexy underwear is a sexy and unique underwear, which usually has a high price. The main factors are design, fabric and brand.Sex underwear usually uses special fabrics and design, such as hollow and transparent, and high -quality fabrics and unique design will also increase costs.

Brand factors affecting underwear prices

Brand is a very important factor. The price of underwear with high brand awareness and strong market competitiveness will be higher.In the market, some underwear brands are located with high -end routes, and the price is naturally relatively high, while some brands are more locally positioned and the price is relatively cheaper.

Comparison between brand underwear and non -brand underwear

Of course, the quality of brand underwear is different from the quality of non -brand underwear, and there is a gap in the price.Brand underwear can usually provide better fabrics, more superb craftsmanship and more fitting design, and the corresponding price will be higher.Non -brand underwear is usually relatively cheaper, but its fabrics and craftsmanship cannot be comparable to brand underwear.

Comparison of high -quality underwear and general underwear

There is also a large gap between high -quality underwear and general underwear.High -quality underwear is usually better fabric, and the lining material is softer and more comfortable. It will further improve the wear experience and the price will be higher.Generally, the quality of underwear fabrics and inner lining materials are relatively general, and the price is relatively cheaper.

Price comparison of various types of underwear

The prices of various types of underwear can be compared with many factors such as brands, fabrics, materials, etc. In general, the price of sexy underwear is the highest, wearing underwear in daily, and the lowest price of sports underwear.However, there will be a price gap in the same brand or the same type of underwear, and even in some cases, the price of different designs of the same brand will be different.

Other factors that need to be considered in buying underwear

In addition to price factors, buying underwear also needs to consider its own figure, needs, wearing occasions, brands and word of mouth.When choosing underwear, you should choose according to actual needs. Do not blindly pursue too much price and damage your own needs, and do not consume blindly by high prices.To choose the right underwear reasonably, you can really improve the dressing feeling.


In summary, the price of underwear is affected by multiple factors, such as brands, fabrics, craftsmanship, design, etc.Choose the right underwear according to your own needs to truly improve the dressing experience without having to pay too much attention to price issues.

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