Xu Ruohuan wearing a fun underwear picture photo

Xu Ruohuan wearing a fun underwear picture photo

Xu Ruohuan has always been the goddess of countless men, and is also a fashion model for countless women.Recently, once she was shot for a brand, once exposed, she attracted the attention of countless people.In this set of pictures, Xu Ruohuan showed his charming figure and full of sexy charm, making people look eye -catching.Let’s enjoy this group of sexy pictures together.

Signboard smile

Xu Ruohuan has always been famous for his bright smile, and in this group of sexy underwear photos, she also shows her signature smile.Dressed in black erotic underwear, her charming smile became more charming under the lighting of the light.

Sedge perspective

The perspective design has always been a special feature of sexy underwear, and Xu Ruohuan puts it out of a different taste.Wearing a perspective sexy underwear and a lazy attitude, she exudes a special charm, making people unforgettable at a glance.

Black temptation

Black is one of the most classic colors in sexy underwear. Xu Ruohuan also chose black sexy underwear to show his sexy.And her sexy charm in black sex underwear is even more amazing.

Pink girl

Pink sexy underwear represents the purity and sweetness of the girl, but Xu Ruohuan puts it out of another taste.Wearing pink and sexy underwear, with black hair bands and jewelry, she showed a kind of girly charm.

Sexy curve

Xu Ruohuan has always had a perfect curve, and in this group of sexy underwear photos, she showed it to the fullest.Whether it is the sexy curve behind or the convex on the side, it is contemporary.

Small underwear

The size of the underwear does not mean its sexy level, and Xu Ruohuan proves this with her actions.Wearing a small erotic underwear, she showed a different kind of sexy, making people eye -catching.

Cat Woman temptation

Cat Woman’s dressing has always been one of the classic images that men like, and Xu Ruohuan also reflects the charm of cat women in this group of sexy underwear photos.Putting such a sexy dress, she showed a unique sexy, making people want to stop.


Interest underwear does not mean vulgar, and Xu Ruohuan shows its charm in a noble and gorgeous way.She put on such a decorative sexy underwear, and she became a visually beautiful landscape.

In short, Xu Ruohuan’s picture photo of a sexy underwear is not only a sexy expression, but also a self -confidence and personality display.Each of her movements and every shooting angle contains endless charm, and she is indeed an evergreen tree in the field of sexy and fashionable.

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