Xuanzi sexy underwear is not inside

Xuanzi sexy underwear is not inside

What is Xuanzi sexy underwear?

Xuanzi sexy underwear is a brand specially designed, produced and sold for sexy underwear.The brand has created a sexy underwear with fantasy, mysterious, and sexy.

What is Xuanzi erotic underwear?

Xuanzi sexy underwear does not mean that the underwear part of ordinary underwear is carefully designed as an internal structure without the triangle inside the traditional underwear.Xuanzi sexy underwear and underwear have only two levels: one layer is a thin fabric, and the other is a button with a button.

Why is Xuanzi erotic underwear inside?

The advantage of Xuanzi erotic underwear is that it can bring more freedom and comfort to the wearer.Traditional underwear may limit the activities of the waist and thighs when wearing, while the design without underwear allows the wearer to maintain more free activities without affecting the image.

The design of Xuanzi sexy underwear without underwear strap

The internal design of Xuanzi sexy underwear makes the underwear the function of making up for pants pockets, and often can better modify the beautiful waistline of women.Different from traditional underwear, the panties of Xuanzi sexy underwear have only one button, which makes the panties move downward, the underwear is more natural and comfortable, and it can make the wearer move more freely.

Feeling in Xuanzi sexy underwear

Wearing Xuanzi sexy underwear is inside, many women say that they feel wonderful, as if there is no underwear at all, and it seems to have the feeling of underwear. This feeling is unparalleled.Women wearing Xuanzi erotic underwear can achieve the effect of non -trace wearing, and wearing is very comfortable.

Xuanzi erotic underwear on the body’s influence on the body

Xuanzi sexy underwear has no inner part of the structure design. While maintaining comfort and freedom, this design can also reduce the pressure of the waist underwear strap, reduce the sense of restraint of the waist and lower abdomen, and have less impact on the body.

The applicable crowd of Xuanzi sexy underwear

Suitable for people wearing low -waist pants, tight pants or dress.In the summer, you can also wear breathable and skinny Xuanzi sexy underwear to enjoy the comfortable experience of naked sleep.

How to maintain Xuanzi sexy underwear?

Xuanzi sexy underwear is recommended to wash, or use a dedicated washing bag to avoid wear out of friction with other clothes.At the same time, we must pay attention to avoid bleaching, high temperature drying, and direct exposure to avoid damaging the fabric.

The development trend of Xuanzi sexy underwear

In the future, Xuanzi sexy underwear will pay more attention to gender equality and gender diversity. It aims to help each wearer find their gender self -identification and experience the beauty.

The shortcomings of Xuanzi sexy underwear

For some traditional groups of solidification, it may not be unable to accept this new design of no internal structure; at the same time, for some cleaning people, they will worry about the protection of traditional underwear.


The design of Xuanzi sexy underwear has not only satisfied the comfort of the wearer, but also brings more fashion effects and brings a new choice to the wearing experience of modern women.

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