You can buy a messy jacket there

You can buy a messy jacket there

Finding the right place to buy sexy underwear can be a troubled thing.In the market, there are many places to buy sexy underwear, but how to choose the most suitable place?This article will introduce you to a few places that can buy sexy underwear and how to choose.

Professional sex products store

The first choice is of course professional sex products store.These shops usually provide various sex products and services, including cotton underwear, lace underwear, sexy underwear, adult products, sex toys, and so on.Professional stores will provide professional services and opinions, and you can try to wear underwear to ensure quality and appropriateness.Because these stores are professional and the quality is guaranteed, the price is relatively more expensive.

online store

The second choice is to buy sexy underwear in the online mall.This is a very convenient way. You can browse and purchase underwear you need at home.Fully select different brands and styles of underwear, you can enjoy better choices, and the price is relatively affordable, such as Taobao, and other e -commerce platforms.However, there are certain risks on online shopping. You need to pay attention to whether the quality and size of the goods are accurate.


The third choice is to buy sexy underwear in large shopping malls.Many shopping malls have special underwear counters, which offer various brands and style options.In this case, the selection scope is also very wide, and you can choose different brands and styles, usually providing trial -through services.However, because the mall’s underwear counters are biased towards mainstream brands and styles, they may not meet personalized needs.

Custom underwear shop

The fourth option is to choose to buy sexy underwear at the custom underwear shop.This is a very special choice. Generally, special underwear designers make custom underwear to ensure perfect adaptability and quality.This choice price is more expensive and requires an appointment, but it is a very good choice for those who pay attention to quality and uniqueness.

Brand underwear shop

The fifth choice is to buy sexy underwear at the brand underwear shop.Many brands of underwear companies have specialty stores on both sides of the strait, providing brand underwear, such as Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, La Perla, Victoria’s Secret, etc. The price is relatively high, but the quality and brand guarantee is good.

Sexual Cultural Industry Park

The sixth option is to buy sexy underwear from the sex cultural industry park.Some cities have built sexual cultural industrial parks to provide various sex toys and underwear products.In this case, you can find a variety of different styles and types of underwear, but it should be noted that this choice needs to be fully prepared in your heart.

Clothing market

The seventh choice is to buy sexy underwear from the clothing market.The clothing markets in some cities are very large, and there are many types of merchants’ sexy underwear. In the process of visiting, you can see a lot of sexy underwear. The types are not less than specialty stores.


The last choice is to buy sexy underwear to the supermarket.Buying sexy underwear in the supermarket is one of the most convenient and cheapest ways.Some supermarkets have underwear areas. Many different brands can choose and compare, and the price is usually more affordable than professional underwear stores.However, because the underwear style and quality are limited, it is not guaranteed to be guaranteed, and it is not suitable for those who need special customization.


The above are some channels and options for buying sexy underwear. You need to choose the right way according to individual needs and budget.You can also combine the above different channels, such as trying on professional underwear stores, and then buying cheaper styles online.No matter which method you choose, you need to pay attention to whether the quality and size are accurate to ensure the best comfort and quality.

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