Zhao Yanhuan Taobao Intellectual Underwear

Zhao Yanhuan Taobao Intellectual Underwear

Zhao Yanhuan is a young girl. She is a loyal fan of Taobao sex lingerie.In her mind, sexy underwear is not only a way of dressing, but also a manifestation of charm and confidence.This article will share Zhao Yanhuan’s Taobao sexy underwear experience and experience to help those who are confused in the field of sexy underwear to better choose and wear sexy underwear.

1. Understand your figure

In Zhao Yanhuan’s view, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for his body.Therefore, it is necessary to understand your body before choosing a sexy underwear.For example, girls with large busts can choose to have a more sexy underwear with chest pads or better chest effects, and girls with full hips can choose sexy underwear for hip -lifting design.

2. Choose sexy underwear suitable for your own style

Interest underwear is not only black or red, but also many different colors and styles.Zhao Yanhuan suggested that when choosing a sexy underwear, he should choose a style that suits his style according to his preferences and personality, such as sweet style, sexy style, cool handsome style, etc.

3. Pay attention to fabrics and quality

Interest underwear is close -up, so pay attention to fabrics and quality.Zhao Yanhuan prefers to choose breathable and comfortable cotton underwear, and it is recommended to choose a reliable merchant to avoid affecting the effect and health due to quality problems.

4. Wear different sexy underwear in different occasions

Zhao Yanhuan believes that sexy underwear can be used on different occasions, but the sexy underwear worn in different occasions is also different.For example, in romantic Valentine’s Day, you can choose sexy dressing, and in daily wear, you must pay more attention to comfort and privacy.

5. Follow the trend or keep your own style

Sometimes, Zhao Yanhuan is also attracted to some popular sexy underwear, but she believes that buying sexy underwear does not have to follow others, but should consider her style and preferences more.If a sexy underwear does not conform to its own style, even if it is fashionable, it is not as good as it is suitable for your own style.

6. Don’t ignore the matching of underwear

Interest underwear does not exist independently, it also needs to be matched with other wearing.Therefore, do not ignore the matching of underwear when wearing sexy underwear.For example, you can choose a sexy underwear similar to the color of the outer clothing, so that you can better match the overall.

7. Try different styles and colors

In the process of buying sexy underwear, Zhao Yanhuan will try different styles and colors.Even if you haven’t thought about the style or color you will choose before, you can try it, and sometimes you accidentally find that you are suitable for different dressing styles.

8. Select color with skin tone

The color of sexy underwear should also consider her skin color. Zhao Yanhuan suggested that girls with light -skinned skin tone can choose white and light pink and other colors, while girls with dark skin tone can try red, black and other colors.

Therefore, in general, Zhao Yanhuan believes that choosing and wearing sexy underwear must be comprehensively considered according to his body, style, preference and other aspects to achieve a satisfactory effect.I hope these experiences and experiences will be helpful to girls who like sexy underwear.

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