Zhaotong sex lingerie store location

Zhaotong sex underwear store -Elegant Fun Mall

Elegant Fun Mall is one of the largest sexy underwear stores in Zhaotong. It is located on the commercial street of the city center. It is convenient for transportation and beautiful environment.The store has sufficient supply and rich types. It covers various types such as beautiful women’s sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, and high cost performance.

Decoration and layout

The shop decoration and layout are very careful. The unique black theme with pink underwear highlights the fashion atmosphere of the brand and is very attractive.The space in the store is wide, the product display is neat and orderly, and the goods such as underwear are placed on the shelves, and a variety of underwear is hung on the shelves to easily choose the product.

Recommended products in the store

1. Pluffy -point chest stickers -a little bust of a woman with strong aggregation can help you enhance the slenderness and standing feel of the chest lines through clothing.

2. European and American style cassia -sexy thin shoulder straps, low -cut in front show your sexy collarbone, which is more suitable for summer wear, simple, fresh and sexy.

3. Thin -see -through sexy underwear -sexy and beautiful and knee long skirt, adopts perspective and lace design to show women’s sexy and charm.


Elegant and erotic malls are affordable and reliable quality.Many styles and brands are in stock, and you can enjoy fast delivery services immediately when buying.It should be reminded that there will be special promotions every week to buy higher cost -effective underwear.

sales consultant

In the Elegant Fun Mall, sales consultants will provide customers with professional underwear solutions.Consultants suggest that customers should not only consider price, but also pay attention to the problems of product materials, presentation methods, dressing feels and proportions.

Service attitude

The staff of the elegant and erotic mall are very enthusiastic, can provide customers’ personalized needs and product recommendations, and guide customers to buy the most suitable underwear.The service is accurate, thoughtful, and efficient, so that customers have a feeling of going home.

After -sales service

The Elegant Fun Mall has perfect after -sales service.If the underwear does not meet the size of the customer, it can be replaced free of charge.If you find the quality problem of the goods, you can retreat immediately and provide the whole process of tracking services to allow you to rest assured to shop and have a satisfactory experience.

Product display method

The clerk deliberately prepared a variety of clothing for customers, so that customers can truly feel the feeling of wearing sexy underwear, which greatly satisfies the customer’s desire to chop hands.The product display is diversified, dating parties or wedding supplies. The stores are presented in the store environment, so that customers can enter the store to experience the highest quality products in the audience.

Shop time

Elegant Fun Mall Business hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 9:30 pm.With coupons, membership cards and other related discount cards, you can enjoy more discounts.


The above is the relevant introduction of the Elegant Fun Mall. I believe that you have a deeper understanding of the location and situation of Zhaotong sex underwear stores.The types of high -quality services, affordable prices, and diversity of goods in the store can help you choose the favorite sexy underwear.Welcome to view.