Sending courier and sexy underwear

Sending courier and sexy underwear

Sending courier and sexy underwear

When we buy sexy underwear, we often choose online shopping.In the process of delivery, the delivery staff is likely to open your package or try to spy, thereby infringing your privacy.However, for the master who delivered the courier, there were many delivery officers who were unnecessary embarrassment because they were not knowing that they were sending sexy underwear.

Perspective angle of delivery

The delivery staff is a job of processing a large number of different parcels, including sexy underwear.For the behavior of accidentally peeping for sexy underwear during the delivery of express delivery, the vast majority of the delivery staff are disgusted.They understand your rights and privacy, and have experienced countless similar events in their careers.They are accustomed to handling these parcels, so they are not embarrassed.

How to avoid embarrassment

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In order to ensure your privacy and avoiding embarrassment, it is recommended that you emphasize privacy and confidentiality terms when you place an order.The information of the sender and the recipient is only known to you and the merchant.In this way, the master who sends the courier will not associate your parcel with illegal acts, thereby protecting your rights.

Delivery and express delivery

On the other hand, if you use a high -quality courier company, your parcel will be strictly inspected.These express companies usually ask the delivery offee to sign the confidentiality agreement and follow the agreement during the delivery process.Most of these delivery staff have received professional training and fully understand how to handle privacy such as sexy underwear.

Instence underwear packaging

In order to improve its privacy, many sexy underwear manufacturers have made improvement in packaging.The following is some packaging strategies, which can avoid the embarrassment of the delivery staff and the outside world:

No identifying carton packaging

High -quality seal band, you can automatically tear when it is opened

Outsourcing without brand logo

How to choose a delivery company

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When choosing a delivery company, ensure that it has a high reputation and reputation in order to protect your privacy.At the same time, pay attention to whether they have additional services such as insurance and express service quality assurance to ensure that your package can be delivered safely.

Protect personal privacy

When buying sexy underwear, protecting personal privacy is the most important, because this is your right.When you buy these items, you have reflected your respect and protection of privacy by paying payment; and merchants should also follow their commitments.On the other hand, the delivery staff regards the fun underwear as an ordinary parcel and will be more and more protected.


When sending and receiving sexy underwear, we should take some important confidentiality measures to protect our privacy and avoid unnecessary embarrassment.For the delivery staff, sexy underwear is already one of the most distributed items they need to deal with.Respecting privacy and conscientiously fulfilling their duties can ensure the right to know the right to know each customer.