Sex underwear order SMS SMS Copy

Sex underwear order SMS SMS Copy


As a sexy underwear expert, I have encountered some interesting customer order text messages. They tried to rectify me or make me smirk.Today, I want to share with you some of the stories, I hope you can feel humor and fun from it.

"I want to taste the taste of your men’s underwear"

Once, I received a strange order text message, the content was: "I want to taste the taste of your men’s panties, can I send me one?" I felt very embarrassing and disgusting at the time, but I had to replyIt is said that we cannot provide such services.It turned out that this was the client and his friend to rectify me, but he did not expect that my response would be so strong before trying.

"Buy a sexual relationship and fun underwear, let my dog put it on"

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Once, a customer sent me a message asking me to buy a sexy lingerie.When I asked her if she bought it for herself, she said, "No, I bought it for my puppy." After hearing the news, I was very surprised, but at the same time, I also felt that this was an interesting idea.In the end, I recommended a suitable underwear to her customers and sent it to her.

"I can’t wait to wear sexy underwear on the street"

A young girl sent me a message and asked if I had some sexy underwear suitable for wearing in public.She said: "I want to wear sexy underwear to go shopping, I think it’s so interesting." I responded quickly and told her that many erotic underwear was not suitable for wearing in public, but we still provided her with a few of them.choose.

"In my order information, please don’t mention the name of the sexy underwear"

Sometimes, some customers want to keep low -key when ordering sexy underwear and do not want others to discover it.A customer left a message to me, "Please don’t indicate the name of ‘sexy underwear’ on the package I received. I don’t want my neighbors to know that I am buying these products." We guaranteed her request and on the package wrapped.It is marked with some other descriptions.

"Please recommend me the most suitable sexy underwear for summer"

A customer sent me a message that he wanted to buy some sexy underwear suitable for summer.I recommended some light and breathable underwear to her, which can help her maintain comfort and sexy in summer.

"How much is the purchase to discount?"

One frequent visitor often asked us if we had discount activities, and she even asked us if we bought multiple sexy underwear at a time to enjoy the discount.We told her that we often held discount activities, and if she bought multiple sexy underwear at a time, we could discount her.

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"Help me choose a sexy underwear that makes my boyfriend accelerate"

Some girls want to attract my boyfriend’s attention by wearing sexy underwear. A girl sent me such a message: "Please help me find a sexy underwear that makes my boyfriend accelerate." I recommended some sexy sexyIn the designed underwear, she chose a sexy perspective underwear in the end. Her boyfriend liked it very much.

"Please pack your sexy underwear more secretly."

Some customers want to keep a low -key and hidden secret when buying sexy underwear. This is a common problem.We will follow their requirements, the encryption label on the package, and the packaging is more secretive, so that even if the package is opened during the transmission process, he will not let anyone know the content.

"Please recommend some sexy underwear design suitable for big breasts" "

Many big breast girls find it difficult to find a suitable design when wearing sexy underwear.A big -breasted girl asked if I had a sexy underwear design suitable for big breasts.I recommended her some underwear that can provide support and shaping effects. She finally chose some of the dazzling underwear and won her praise from her boyfriend.

"Can I buy my sexy underwear back?"

One of the issues that customers are most concerned about are whether they can refund the products. We will inform our customers in the order SMS that we can accept returns and exchanges, and at the same time tell them how to refund, and our return policy.

in conclusion

In my career, I encountered many interesting order text messages. These text messages made me feel happy and satisfied, and at the same time let me better understand my customers.In my opinion, as a sexy underwear expert, we should respect the needs and requests of customers, and provide the best suggestions and services through our professional knowledge and experience.