Interesting underwear English vocabulary


When it comes to talk about lingerie, there are many different types of under cleaning, but not Every is familiar with the Specific Terms to describe T HEM. In this article, we will explore some of the command English words and phrasees userd toDescribe different types of sexy Lingerie, Specifically Focusing on the World of ERotic and Sensual Lingerie.

Bra styles

The Bra is the MOST Common Piece of Lingerie for Women, and there are many different styles available. st, while a push-up bra is designed to lift and enhance theAPPEARANCE of Cleavage. A BalConette Bra is a Low-Cut Bra that Provides Moderate Coverage, and a plunge bra is similar, but with a muckline.

Panty styles

There are many different styles of panties, raom everyday cotton briefs to more elaborative style Posed, While A G-String is Even More Minimal, with Just A String BetweenThe cheeks. Boyshorts are a type of panty that has a longer leg, similar to the shape of men’s boxers.

Teddy and Bodysuit

A Teddy is a one one-PIECE LINNGERIE GARMENT that Combines a Braot and PANTY BOTTOM, often with sheer or lacy fabrics. Age bottom and sometimes long sleeps.MADE from Stretchy Fabrics Like SPANDEX to Provide a Snug Fit on the Body.

Chemise and Camisole

A Chemise is a loose-fitting, Sleeveless Dress-Like Garment that Falls to the Mid-Thigh or Knee. It’s ofte from Lightweight Fabrics with She Lacy D Etails, and is moren as a nightgown or lingerie piece. A camisole is similar,But is typically shorter and often worn as a layering pipher other clothing.


A Bustier is a Lingerie top that closely resembLS a Corset, but do do not have quite as a much structure. It’s often made with a combining of fabric and lace or OTHER EMB Ellishments, and Features Boning in the Bodice to Provide Shaping and Support. Some BustiersAlso with with detachable garter straps for wearing with stockings.


A Corset is a lingerie top that has a more rigid structure than a business, with boning running through the body. It’s design to cinChne and Create An hourgl Ass Figure, and is often Made from SiLK Fabric with LACE or OTHER DecorationsCorsets are often pain with a matching thong or g-string and stockings to create a complelete lingerie look.


A babydoll is a short, Loose-Fitting Nightgown-Like Garment That’s Made from Sheer Fabric Or LACE. It’s Characterized by ITS Flowing Has A Ver Y Short Hemline, Falling to the Upper Thigh. Babydolls are often worn as a sexy nightgownor Lingerie Piece, and May Be Paired with Matching Panties or A G-String.


A Negligee is a loose-fitting nightgown or Robe That’s Made from Silky or Sheer Fabrics. It’s award Lingerie Style that’s Association with LTH L UXURY and Elegance, and May Be Decomed with LACE or Other Embellishments. Negligeees are often long and flowing, fallingTo the ankle or Calf, and are often paired with a matching robe for a complelete look.


UNDERSTANDING. LES APPEAL To Your Personal Preferences Can Help You Create A Collection of Lingerie That Makes You Feel Confident and Sexy. UltimatelyLingerie Should Be A Way to Celebrate Your Feminity and Enhance Your Natural Beauty.

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