Tanabata Blind Box Sexy underwear

Tanabata Blind Box Sexy underwear

The Qixi Festival is one of the important festivals of couples and a symbol of love.And this year, a new gift -giving method -Tanabata blind box sexy underwear is popular, becoming a popular gift option for couples.

The charm of the blind box

Blind boxes have become one of the most popular gameplay in recent years, showing their charm.Opening a blind box full of mystery, I don’t know what to receive, it is always full of fun.And Tanabata’s blind box erotic underwear is also the same, making people look forward to the accidental surprise.

special gift

Traditional Tanabata gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, etc. Although classic, they lack personality and fun.And Tanabata blind box sex lingerie is a very special gift.You can choose to match the taste of TA/His taste. You can also try different styles to increase interest and surprise.

Rich choice

The style of sexy underwear is rich and colorful, which can meet the needs of various styles, such as sexy, cute, sweet, luxury and so on.The choice of sexy lingerie in the Tanabata Box is more diverse. From different colors, fabrics, styles, accessories, etc., bring more different choices to couples.

Brand security

When buying the Tanabata blind box sexy underwear, the product of the well -known brand is more assured.In addition to ensuring quality, brand guarantee can also reduce embarrassment or uncomfortable situations, and increase the sense of security and confidence in use.

With suggestions

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear style not only needs to start according to the taste and needs of TA/His, but also needs to be matched according to your own status and occasions.Such as color matching, accessories selection, etc., can increase the overall beauty and charm of the underwear.

Size reference

It is also important to choose the right size.Because sexy underwear is relatively tight. If the size is not suitable, it will not only affect comfort and beauty, but also cause health problems.Therefore, you can refer to the size of other underwear, or ask the opinions of professionals.


In addition to choosing the style and size that suits you and TA/His, you should also pay attention to the material and cleaning method of the underwear.You need to choose breathable, comfortable and safe fabrics, and clean and maintain according to the method of cleaning the material to extend the service life of the underwear.

Gift giving technique

When sending out the sexual lingerie of the Qixi Box Box, you can prepare some small gifts or blessings to increase the atmosphere and significance of the gift.You can also have some small surprises in the underwear, such as handwriting notes, small gifts, etc., so that TA/he feels your heart and intention.


Tanabata blind box sexy underwear is a new gift full of interest and creativity.In addition to increasing interest and surprise, it can also bring more choices and possibilities to couples.However, when choosing and sending out underwear, you need to pay attention to sizes and materials to ensure the safety, comfort and service life of the gift.In general, choosing brand products, paying attention to the increase of details and gift atmosphere, will make this gift more perfect and unforgettable.

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