Taobao sex underwear has a picture evaluation

Taobao sex underwear has a picture evaluation

1. Select the right size

The size of Taobao sex underwear is usually relatively small. It is recommended to choose one larger than the size we wear to avoid affecting the wearing experience.You can measure your body size before buying, and then refer to the size table to select the size that is best for you.

2. Style selection

There are many styles of sexy underwear, and you can choose according to personal needs and preferences, such as sexy lace, transparent mesh, split crotch, and so on.It is recommended to choose a style that is beneficial to your body, and also consider comfort.

3. Material quality

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, check the product description carefully, select products with good quality and comfortable feel, so as not to affect the wearing experience.

4. Package sense

The wrapping feeling of sex underwear is also very important. Choose products that can be close to the body and have good shaping effects. At the same time, be careful not to produce traces or discomfort.

5. Color selection

The color of sexy underwear is rich in color and can be selected according to personal preference, but pay attention to the combination of skin color and clothing color, so as not to affect the overall effect.

6. Brand selection

Choosing a well -known brand’s sexy underwear can better ensure quality and comfort, and there are more choices and styles.When buying on Taobao, you can choose a store with a lot of products and evaluations to choose a store with good reputation and reputation.

7. Match

Sex underwear is usually used with sex products, cosplay, etc., and should choose the appropriate combination according to different occasions and purposes to make the overall effect more perfect.

8. Buy experience evaluation

The purchase experience of Taobao sex underwear is generally more convenient and fast. You can search for related products on Taobao according to your own needs, and see the evaluation and exposure of other users to make better choices.

9. The measured effect

The effect of personal use of sexy underwear will vary from person to person, so after choosing, you must also measure it to see how your personal feelings and effects.

10. Viewpoint

Taobao is a good place for shopping, and there are many choices for Taobao sex underwear.Before buying, you need to understand your needs and figure, choose the appropriate size and style, and choose a well -known shop with good quality and reputation.At the same time, choose the appropriate match according to personal needs to achieve the measured effect to obtain the best dressing experience.

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