The aircraft cup also gives sexy underwear

The use of aircraft cups to enhance sexual life experience has become the normal state of modern people. With the advancement of technology and fashion, sexy underwear has gradually become the darling of the sex toy market as part of the game.This article will explore the advantages of the aircraft cup with erotic underwear, and introduce several sexy underwear suitable for matching, and provide purchase suggestions.

1. Increase stimuli

Use a sexy underwear to use an airplane cup to increase the stimulus.For example, wrapped the penis with sexy underwear to make the aircraft cup more strong, and the process of entering the aircraft cup is more thrilling and exciting.

2. Enhance the fun of sexual adventure

The combination of sexy underwear and aircraft cups can enhance the fun of sex adventure.Through the stimulus of the aircraft cup and the visual effects of sexy underwear, the sexual experience is more exciting and adventurous, which will increase the sexual interest between the two.

3. For a good partner for single people

The appearance of the aircraft cup provides a different kind of sexual experience method for single people, and the use of sexy underwear can more perfectly realize their sexual fantasy.

4. Suggestions on the selection of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first pay attention to the style and material of the underwear.It is best to choose the material that suppress the odor, and at the same time, choose a style that can be close to the penis.Red, black, and nude colors are more recommended colors, and they can bring people more strong sexy stimuli.


In recent years, the application of "5D" opaque eye covers in the eyes of anal sex, SM and other aspects of anal sex, SM, etc. have attracted more and more attention.This kind of sexy underwear can strengthen the sexual fantasies of passive characters in games such as anal sex, SM, so that the language and movements in the game can be more liberalized.

6. Swimsuit sexy underwear

Swiming -type sexy underwear is usually made of elastic and fitted materials, which can perfectly wrap the body.In addition to strengthening the locking power of the aircraft cup, this sexy underwear is more important to make the woman a sexy goddess chased.

7. Pole in sexy underwear

Poron sexy underwear usually refers to a kind of underwear that uses a punching structure to increase ventilation and comfort on the underwear.Using the aircraft cup can increase ventilation and reduce the chance of bacterial thriving growth.

8. milk sticker/milk sticker underwear

Milk stickers can not only make most of the visual effects of most sexy underwear more significant. More importantly, without naked, it can also simulate the effect of nude, bringing stronger emotional stimuli to sex experience.

9. Special reminder: Keep hygiene is the key

Although the process of using aircraft cups and sexy underwear can bring more fun to the experience, at the same time, we must not forget to maintain personal hygiene problems. It is very important to clean and disinfection before and after each use.

10. Summary view

In summary, the use of the aircraft cup with sexy underwear undoubtedly increases the fun of sex experience, and at the same time enhances the sense of exploration of gender character games.When choosing a sexy underwear, considering the fit of the material and style, it can better realize the locking and closeness of the aircraft cup, so you should try to choose to be close to the penis, stretching underwear, and regular regular underwear, and regularly regularlyCleaning and disinfection is also the key to maintaining personal hygiene.

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