The difference between cosplay clothes and sexy underwear


In recent years, COSPLAY has become more and more popular, and sexy underwear is also one of the fashion items that have been sought after by women.Many people can easily confuse Cosplay and sexy underwear, thinking that they are the same type of clothing.However, there are still obvious differences between them, and let’s take a look at these differences together.

design style

The cosplay service is usually designed according to the original character, which is more focused on restoring the character image and style of painting.And sexy underwear pays more attention to sexy and seductive temperament, usually with sexy and simple design styles.Although both are clothing, their design styles and purposes are different.

Wearing occasion

The cosplay service is usually worn on Cosplay competitions, animation exhibitions, etc., in order to express their love and respect for characters.And sexy underwear is mainly wearing private places such as bedrooms, nightclubs, to increase the fun and romantic atmosphere.


COSPLAY service usually focuses on the original details such as color, texture, and pigments. It will use comfortable and ventilated fabrics, and at the same time, it is relatively difficult to make; while sexy underwear is generally used with soft and silky fabrics, focusing on comfort and touch.The difficulty is relatively small.

Color selection

COSPLAY color selection is mainly based on the original work, trying to restore the original appearance of the character; and the color of sexy underwear pays more attention to sexy and tempting temperament, usually black, red, and white.

Way of wear

The COSPLAY service usually needs to cooperate with various props to complete the entire shape. The method of dressing is relatively complicated and requires certain skills; and sexy underwear is relatively simple, just pass through the shoulder.

Age level

Cosplay is generally suitable for young people and teenagers to show their creativity and personality.And sexy underwear is generally suitable for adult women, which can show sexy temperament and increase interest and romance.

Degree of social recognition

Although cosplay is popular, it is still in a state of polarization in real society, and many people still do not recognize it; sexy underwear is a relatively private item, which generally does not cause too much social controversy.

Price and consumer group

The COSPLAY service has a high cost and relatively expensive price. The consumer groups they are facing prefer two -dimensional culture.The production cost of sexy underwear is relatively low, the price is relatively close to the people, and the consumer groups are more extensive.

Different concepts

COSPLAY is the role of imitating and playing movies, animation, games and other works and presented it to everyone. It is a manifestation of performance and creativity.And sexy underwear refers to those underwear designed to enhance sex and add sex, which is an auxiliary prop in intimate relationship.

in conclusion

It can be seen that although cosplay clothes and sexy underwear are all clothing, their design purpose, style, occasion, color selection, dressing method, age level, social recognition, price, related concepts are obviously different.We can choose suitable clothing according to our needs and occasions to better show our style and temperament.

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