The difference between sexy underwear to make Taobao shop and Tmall shop


With the continuous improvement of modern people’s living standards, sexy underwear has become more and more accepted and watched.Many entrepreneurs saw this business opportunity and began to open Taobao and Tmall.However, they found that there are different operating methods and changes between the two platforms, and different strategies need to be managed to manage them.This article will discuss the difference between Taobao shop and Tmall shop.

Platform background

As a well -known domestic e -commerce platform in China, Taobao and Tmall are continuously expanding their flow, number of users, and consumption.The users of the Taobao platform are mainly ordinary people, and the Tmall platform users are high -end users.Therefore, there are also differences between the positioning of Taobao shops and Tmall stores.


The positioning of sexy underwear to make Taobao store is a mass consumption, and pays attention to prices and styles.It is mainly based on low -priced and low -end products. The product style positioning is more diversified, including both sexual emotional and interesting underwear, as well as cute and comfortable sexy underwear.And the positioning of Tmall store in sex underwear is high -end consumption, and the price and cost performance are relatively high. Product positioning is mainly targeted at high -end underwear for sexy underwear, brand underwear, and European and American style.

Picture presentation

Taobao stores are more inclined to use some vivid images and more practical pictures and videos, so that customers can understand product details more intuitive and comprehensive.Tmall stores need more atmospheric and textured pictures to highlight the presence of the brand’s high -end, fashion and quality.

Product Category

The products of Taobao stores are diverse, including men and women, complete size, and more diversified style, and manufacturers are also wide.In Tmall stores, the types of products are relatively single and need to be more targeted and pay attention to the quality, quality, brand, fashion and sexy elements of the product.

Movement interface

On the mobile e -commerce display platform, the Taobao shop needs to be noticed to make Taobao shops that highlight the characteristics of mobile phone attributes, convenient browsing and ordering, such as large screens, optimized classification choices, and short waiting time.In Tmall stores, we pay more attention to optimizing the APP user interface and user experience, platform credibility.

promotion method

Taobao’s user promotions are mainly price discounts, coupons, and combined sales. They are concerned about the public’s shopping psychology, and the price of good quality and low price. Tmall’s user promotion is mainly targeted at quality, brand, fashion and personalizationIn terms of demand, such as gift vouchers, overseas direct mail, etc.

Customer service and return visit

The quality requirements of the customer service service of Taobao stores are high, because Taobao’s small and medium sellers often need to convey their strength and professional support through customer service to strengthen the trust of customers.The customer service service of Tmall store pays more attention to the user experience, requires a proper visit, pays attention to user satisfaction, and strengthens after -sales service.

Logistics processing

The logistics processing speed of Taobao stores is relatively slow than Tmall, but it also requires efficient and accurate distribution and tracking services.Tmall store pays attention to the logistics speed and product packaging of logistics distribution, and pay attention to customers

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