The male lead likes to let the female lead wears sexy underwear


The male lead likes to let the female lead wears sexy underwear, which has always been a hot topic in the sex underwear market.The emergence of such underwear has injected more changes and fun into intimacy, especially for those who want to enhance the quality of sex.In this article, we will explore the reason why the male lead likes to make the female lead wears sexy underwear and how to get fun from it.

Sex underwear’s improvement of sexual interest

The male lead likes to let the female lead wears sexy underwear. The main reason is that sexy underwear can make sexual life more changes.The color and style of underwear are diverse, which can meet the different needs of the male lead.If the male lead wants the heroine to show a more sexy side, then he can choose to let the female lead put on sexy underwear.If he wants his girlfriend to look more cute, then he can consider choosing an interesting underwear style.

Increase sexy and self -confidence

In addition to increasing sexual interest, wearing sexy underwear can also make the heroine feel more sexy and confident.For some women, sexy underwear makes them pay more attention to their bodies and appearances, thereby increasing self -confidence.When wearing sexy underwear, the heroine feels better, which will in turn enhance the sexual interest of the male lead.

Promoting husband and wife relationship

The male lead likes to let the female lead wears sexy underwear. Another reason is that sex underwear can enhance the relationship between husband and wife.Because wearing sexy lingerie is a kind of trust, both men and women are closer because of intimate behavior.The relationship between husband and wife has become more united.

Precautions for selecting sex underwear

When buying sexy underwear, there are several points that need attention.First, choose a moderate -sized underwear.Too large or too small underwear can make the heroine uncomfortable and affect the appearance and body shape.Secondly, you need to ensure that the selected underwear style meets its own needs and is suitable for wearing.Too simple styles may reduce the sexual interest of the male lead, and too complicated styles may make the female lead feel uncomfortable.

Falling underwear material

Pay attention to the purchase of sexy underwear.High -quality materials are more comfortable, better breathable, and more natural to wear.For example, natural fibers, silk, cotton, etc. are better options.In contrast, cheap synthetic fibers and polyester are not only uncomfortable to wear, but also not durable.

The balance between sexy underwear and naked

When the male lead likes to let the female lead wears a sexy underwear, it should be noted that the balance between clothing naked in sex.It is clear that wearing sex underwear is not a comfortable and comfortable approach.When choosing underwear style and wearing methods, you need to consider the feelings between the two and respect each other’s wishes and privacy.

Sex underwear market survey

In the global sexy underwear market, the market in the United States, Japan, France and other developed countries is the hottest.Different regions and different groups have different preferences for sexy underwear.For example, the sexy underwear in the Chinese market is more warm, cute and cultural.

Brand recommendation

According to market surveys and consumer reputation, the following are several sexual erotic lingerie brands recommendation:

Victoria’s Secret

La Perla

Agent Provocateur

Calvin Klein



The male lead likes to let the female lead wears sexy underwear, mainly due to the need to enhance the quality of sexual life.However, when selecting sexy lingerie styles and materials, you need to pay attention to the size, quality and comfort.In sex, balance underwear and naked options.For buying sexy underwear, you should choose a brand with good reputation, high quality, and popular.

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