There are very few erotic lingerie cloth

Why are there very few erotic lingerie?

As a very tempting clothing, sexy underwear needs to be controlled by the body like other ordinary underwear. Therefore, the fabric adopted will be friendly and non -irritating to the skin, and the comfort of the fabric is also important.However, you may notice that there are very little material in sex underwear.Why is this?


Lace is a common sexy underwear material. The weaving of lace is usually very detailed, the texture is light, the breathability is good, and the touch is soft and comfortable.However, the processing process of lace is difficult and the production cost is relatively high. Therefore, the sexy lingerie uses less lace fabrics, and most of them use lace flower -type elements embedded in design.

Silk texture:

Silk is a smooth and comfortable high -quality cellulose material, which is common in high -end sexy underwear brands.Silk is performing well in terms of hygroscopicity and comfort, but the cost of this fabric is very high, and it can usually only be washed by hand, which is not conducive to daily care and cleaning, so it is far away.

PU leather:

PU leather is another common material in sex underwear.PU Leather is a kind of imitation leather material, which looks similar to leather, but the cost is much lower than the leather.It is soft, elastic, and easy to clean and maintain, which can make various sexy designs.However, the disadvantage of PU leather is usually lack of breathability and hygroscopicity, which is not conducive to the breathing and sweating of the human body.

Fish net:

Fish Net is one of the materials with higher frequency in sex underwear.The mesh of the fish net is relatively large, the threshold is low, and the manufacturing cost is relatively low. At the same time, the elasticity of the fish net is very good. It can adapt to the wearing needs of different shapes, which is very suitable for the design of sexy underwear.Moreover, the fish net is thin, and it will not make people feel sultry in hot weather, but due to the defects of materials, the service life is relatively short.

Light noodles:

Light noodles are a very delicate fabric. The smooth texture is light and comfortable, and it is easy to clean and maintain.The light -faced silk perfectly presents the sexy of the sexy underwear, without excessive stimulation of the skin, and is a humanized choice.However, this material is not common, because there are too many color choices and texture changes, which are monotonous.

Compressed fiber:

Compressed fiber is a relatively new material in the field of sexy underwear, and has various favorable factors such as plasticity, hygroscopicness and breathability.It feels soft, comfortable, and friendly to the skin, but because it is a high -tech product, the production cost is higher.Compressed fiber materials are usually more colorful and can also get texture of other fabrics such as lace and fish nets.


Artificial silk is a synthetic fiber made of natural silk, which is often used in the sexy lingerie series.The elasticity of the artificial silk is very good, the manufacturing cost is low, and it is easier to launch an innovative fancy design to give people a deep and beneficial visual enjoyment.However, its moisture absorption cannot be guaranteed to wear a comfortable experience for a long time.

Transparent latex:

Transparent latex is a material that looks like transparent rubber.Sex underwear often uses transparent latex made of transparent latex, with lace or other materials for design to enhance the sexy effects of key parts, and even use marks or depression in the specified decoration.However, due to the large sensitivity of the material, it will cause some stimulation to the skin when wearing.


Although the materials used in sex underwear are limited, each material has its unique characteristics and beauty.We should choose the most suitable underwear according to our physical characteristics, personality preferences and wearing needs.So no matter what kind of material, the breathability, hygroscopicness and delicate touch are always the preferred conditions of sexy underwear.

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