The senior forced me to put on a sexy underwear

The senior forced me to put on a sexy underwear

When I first entered college, I encountered a trouble.That’s my senior, forcing me to put on sexy underwear again and again, and even let me show in public places.

1. Senior hint

The first time I realized that this problem was when the senior invited me to dinner.He gave me a strange gift -a set of black sex underwear.He said: "It is more sexy like this, try it."

2. I refused

At that time, I didn’t know how to respond, so I had to refuse temporarily.But he did not give up, and persuaded me over and over again.In the end, I told him that I could not accept this gift.

Third, the behavior of the senior is getting more and more dangerous

However, this is just the beginning of the problem.In the next few days, the senior began to ask me to go out frequently, and I would send me some strange gifts every time, such as various sex clothing and sex toys.What’s even more excessive is that he wants me to put on these underwear and clothing in public places.

Fourth, the actual intention of the senior

I started to realize what the true purpose of the senior was. He didn’t really care about me, but wanted to use me to satisfy his sexual desire.His behavior is implying me that if I do what he said, it is equivalent to implying that he is willing to have sex.

5. I started to be scared

I no longer accept his date, but he did not stop.Every time he meets, he will tell me something that makes me feel uneasy, which makes me very scared.I’m afraid he will do more extraordinary things, but I don’t have anything to do.

6. Cry to friends

I told me the situation to my friends, hoping to get support and help.After hearing my encounters, they expressed their support for me, but they didn’t know what to do.

7. Seek official help

Finally, I decided to seek the help of the school.I reflected to the school’s counselor that they gave me a lot of support and help.The school helped me find a lawyer and accompanied me to call the police.

Eight, retrieve confidence

It has been a long time, and my mood has gradually calmed down.After this, I felt that I became stronger and confident.Although my senior once made me fear and helpless, I finally found the power to face him.

in conclusion

For such a thing, no matter what you encounter, you must keep calm and rational.Finding some trustworthy people to seek help may require courage and perseverance, but this is very necessary.The most important thing is to believe in yourself and believe in and solve the problem with the ability and stability.

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