There are a lot of sexy sheets at home

There are a lot of sexy sheets at home

Did you buy a bunch of sexy underwear for some reason, but don’t know how to use or store them correctly?Here are some matters that have a lot of sexy underwear at home.

1. Do a good job

First of all, you need to classify the sexy underwear according to the brand, material, use, color, etc.This is convenient for you to quickly find the right underwear when you need it.

2. Store in a dry and ventilated place

Sex underwear needs to be stored in a dry and ventilated place.If it is a humid environment, such as a bathroom, underwear is prone to mold or deformation.In addition, it is best not to mix with other clothes.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

The material of sex underwear is usually tender and is vulnerable to direct sunlight.Therefore, the sun should be avoided when storing sex underwear.

4. Regular cleaning

The wear time of sexy underwear is usually relatively short, but they also need to clean it regularly like other clothes.After cleaning, dry the underwear in a ventilated place to avoid twisting 70 %.

5. Pay attention to the material

Different materials have different washing methods.Some materials should not be cleaned with washing machines, and some materials need to use specific cleaning agents.Therefore, pay attention to the characteristics of different materials when cleaning sex underwear.

6. Careful and cautious

Interest underwear is usually more exquisite and needs to be treated carefully and cautiously.Some underwear may be decorated with ribbons, sequins or other decorations, which are easily dropped or damaged.In addition, you need to pay attention when wearing erotic underwear, avoiding too intense movements that cause damaged underwear.

7. Don’t abuse perfume

Although sexy underwear is often equipped with perfume, excessive use of perfume may cause damage to their materials.Therefore, it is recommended to avoid spraying perfume on sexy underwear.

8. Don’t share with others

Interest underwear is more personal, so do not share with others, which will not only affect hygiene, but also lead to some embarrassing situations.

9. Update in time

Sex underwear also needs to be updated.If sexy lingerie is wearing too long, they may have been damaged or outdated.Therefore, you need to update sexy underwear regularly.

10. Replacement according to season

Change the sexy underwear according to the season, which can not only make your underwear more advanced with the times, but also make your dress more comfortable.


Sex underwear is an important part of each female charm. Correct maintenance and use will enhance the life and quality of underwear. Therefore, we should properly manage our underwear and keep them beautiful and fashionable.

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