Want to join Jingdong Infusion Underwear Shop

Want to join Jingdong Wet Lingerie Shop?Teach you how to do

In recent years, JD.com’s sex underwear store has become one of the brands that are popular with young consumers.If you want to open a sexy underwear shop, considering the decision to join JD Store will definitely benefit you a lot.This article will provide you with detailed information and suggestions on joining Jingdong’s sex underwear store.

Understand the brand

Before joining, we must understand the brand and positioning of Jingdong Instead.Jingdong Store’s products are characterized by sexy, fashionable and high quality, especially for young women and couples. Therefore, they can make differentiated features in store decoration, marketing strategies and product selection.To understand the brand, in -depth research is required to conduct in -depth research on the official website, social media or offline stores.

Conditions for joining

As a franchisee as a Jingdong sex underwear store, it needs to meet certain conditions to apply for joining.First of all, you need a certain amount of financial strength and retail sales experience.Secondly, you need to open your business in a market that can continue to grow, and you need to have sufficient sales networks and supply chain resources.In addition, as a brand of closely linked brand stores, you also need excellent selling points and service capabilities.

Learn about the franchise fee

To apply for joining the JD store, you need to pay the franchise fee.Generally, franchise fees include brand use rights, store consultants, store opening books, decoration design and other costs.The franchise fee will change according to the store area and the city where the city is located, so you must understand it before the application.In addition to franchise fees, other expenses such as other investment, rent and employee salary need to be considered.

Shop opening process

The store opening process includes site selection, business negotiation, decoration, etc.In terms of selecting stores, factors such as traffic, convenience of transportation, store scale and rent need to be considered.During the business negotiation and renovation stage, you need to understand the official opening notes provided by the official and carry out the decoration design of the store.When the store is ready, you need to recruit and train employee.

Service and customer experience

The success of JD.com’s sexy underwear store is inseparable from high -quality services and customer experience.As a shop owner, your service attitude and service plan must cooperate with the brand’s business philosophy.From the location of the store to the store decoration and product sales, it is necessary to consider the customer’s needs to the greatest extent.In addition, providing benefits and preferential activities is also an important factor that attracts customers.

sales strategy

In order to increase sales, effective sales strategies are needed.Same as the brand’s promotion and marketing strategy, you can also make differentiated strategies in the store pricing, promotion methods and category selection.At the same time, adjust and optimize strategies through user data, competing analysis and market trends.

Cooperate with brand

It is necessary to cooperate with the brand to run a sexy underwear store.This includes many aspects such as publicity, product promotion, launching new products, retail strategies and store design.As a shopkeeper, you need to be responsible for maintaining brand relationships, cooperating with brands in various forms, and keeping in touch with brand management.

Focus on legal issues

Although sexy underwear is a free industry, business must follow national and local laws and regulations.This includes store planning, safety and hygiene, product sales, etc.Therefore, before operation, we need to understand relevant regulations and all the licenses and licenses required for the application.


Joining a Jingdong sex underwear store requires comprehensive and thoughtful preparations and organizations, especially in store marketing strategies, product pricing and sales strategies.But if you have enough experience and resources, this will be a very attractive and interesting choice.

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