Wear sex underwear high -heeled novels

Wear sex underwear high -heeled novels

When it comes to how to enhance sexy charm and increase self -confidence, sexy underwear and high heels are often the first choice for women.Put on them, and even ordinary girls can instantly become sexy goddesses.But if you want to pretend to be as beautiful as the appearance, you need to carefully select the type and the right size, and learn how to match it correctly.Next, we will introduce the relevant knowledge about sexy underwear and high heels in detail.

1. Clearly understand your body type

When choosing sexy underwear and high heels, it is very important to understand your own figure.If the choice of clothes or shoes is not appropriate, it will cause various problems in the entire appearance, so that all the previous efforts will be turned into black.Therefore, we must first find a sexy underwear and high heels suitable for your body shape.

2. Understand the type of different sexy underwear

Interest underwear has a variety of forms, including bra, underwear, strap, sling, and tights.Before choosing, you need to clearly understand various types and know what you want.For example, if you want to make your chest look sexy, choosing a bra and a deep V -shaped underwear will be a good choice.

3. Clothing style and figure matching

Sex underwear has a variety of different styles, and different styles are suitable for different figures.For thin women, smaller size, mesh, transparent, low U -collar, and short cup sexy underwear can make the body look more attractive.Women with full figure can try to wear some cups, sexy and lace -decorated underwear.When buying, you need to choose the right style according to your body and need to choose.

4. Different erotic lingerie materials

When choosing a sexy underwear, the material is very important.Choosing the right material can keep you comfortable while wearing, instead of making you feel uncomfortable.Most erotic underwear is made of comfortable and soft materials, such as cotton, lace, etc.But there are also some sexy underwear using complex materials such as silk and leather. These erotic underwear may be more luxurious, but they are also more expensive and are not suitable for daily wear.

5. Know how to match high heels

Regardless of the appearance, high heels can always make women more confident and charm.When pairing with sexy underwear, wearing a pair of sexy high heels can create a more powerful effect.When wearing, you need to pay attention to different underwear styles and you need to match different high heels.For example, tights can be combined with more decorative shoes or high -heeled boots, while underwear can be matched with high -heeled shoes that are easier in patterns, so that wearing will be more harmonious.

6. Really understand the meaning of beauty

When wearing sexy underwear and high heels, it is guided by your own personal needs.It is more important than being dedicated to seeing sexy sexy.Don’t worry about the preferences and hobbies of others.It can help women build their own aesthetic outlook through their own clothes.

7. Pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear

In order to maintain the good appearance and internal quality of sexy underwear and high heels, we need to pay attention to maintenance skills.Interest underwear requires hand washing or drying instead of dried with a dryer.For high -heeled shoes, it is recommended to wipe with a wet cloth, and then placed in the ventilated place for natural air drying.When stored, the fun underwear should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, while high heels need to be placed in the shoe box and placed in a dry place.

8. The importance of adjusting the mentality

When wearing sexy underwear and high heels, we must always remember that beauty comes from the heart.Even if you spend all your physical and mental efforts on your clothes, if your consciousness and mentality are not excellent, the beauty is still on the surface.Therefore, before adjusting our physical and mental state, we should not treat sexy underwear and high heels as the only beauty tool.

in conclusion:

Wearing erotic underwear and high heels can make women feel more confident and increase women’s charm.But when choosing them, you need to understand yourself clearly and choose the materials and styles that suits your skin and body.Only when you are completely confident, the beautiful appearance will truly increase self -confidence and charm.

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