What kind of erotic underwear is better to wear

What kind of erotic underwear is better to wear

Interest underwear is a clothing that shows women’s sexy and charm, and it is also important to wear it when buying.Different types of sexy underwear have their own characteristics. Which one is better to wear?This article will be discussed from several aspects.

Material is the key

No matter what style of sexy underwear, their materials are crucial.High -quality fabrics can make underwear more comfortable and comfortable, strong resistance to pressure, but not high -quality materials, which will shorten the life of the underwear, and the wearing experience is extremely poor.

1. Fabric component is the key

Some underwear will add harmful chemicals to make the underwear material too thin or impermeable, which will cause discomfort.Consumers are recommended to choose fabric ingredients to marked sexy underwear containing high -quality materials such as nylon, cotton, amino, and Leica.These materials are breathable, soft, and more comfortable to wear.

2. Suitable for your own characteristics is the foundation

When choosing a sexy underwear, different figures need different underwear styles that are suitable for their own underwear.For example, elastic sexy underwear is more suitable for convex body.But if you are a person with a small chest, you can also choose some breast enhancement underwear.

Style selection

There are many styles of sexy underwear, which varies from style to feel.Different styles, because of different design, have different wear experiences.

3. The shape of the cup

The shape of the cup of sex underwear has a greater impact on wearing feelings.For example, our common triangle cups and bras have different requirements for breast support.If you have a prominent chest, it is suitable for sexy underwear wearing a triangular cup, but for those who need better support, it is recommended to choose the bras.

4. Width of the strap

In addition to the shape of the cup, the width of the strap also has a profound impact on the wear feel.Here, we can try to compare the wide -cut shoulder straps and the sexy underwear of narrow shoulder straps.The wide shoulder straps are more widely distributed and easier to withstand weight, while narrow shoulder straps will be easier and free.

Pay attention to workmanship

Regardless of whether sex underwear reveals all, the requirements for workmanship should be high enough.Especially for those nude color sexy lingerie with enchanting, the requirements are higher, and the details need to be polished to the extreme.

5. Fine sutures

There are many sewing methods, and the quality of suture must be guaranteed.Fine sutures and treatment can effectively reduce the production of defects, increase the breathability and comfort of underwear, and make the wear smoother.

6. A response of almond cushion

Especially for some people who need shaping or breast enhancement, almond cushions are a common choice.At this time, you can look at the reaction of the correct response of the underwear by pinching the underwear.The size of the almond cushion is already standardized. When you are sure of the correct cup size, the shrinking and loose hands of the almond cushion will also have a certain reaction.

Comfort is also very important

In the end, wearing experience is the decisive factor affecting the comfort of underwear.

7. The position and shape of the adjustment device

For trivial details, sometimes you can pay attention to some small things to express comfort.For example, whether the underwear adjustment is pressed under the armpit or behind, which can affect the comfort and wear experience of the underwear.At this time, we can choose to adjust the location and shape of the adjustment device suitable for ourselves.

8. Features of special materials

The last point is about special materials in sexy underwear.For example, silk, lace, translucent, etc., their fabrics and characteristics need to be considered according to their own needs.In general, for people who are easy to sweat, it is recommended to choose breathable fabrics. For more solemn occasions, silk underwear can appear more elegant.


In general, it is a more complicated thing to choose a good sexy underwear. It needs to pay attention from the details.Choose enough materials and styles that are suitable for you, and carefully examine the quality and detail layout of the underwear, and will eventually provide you with a comfortable and sexy charm.

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