What kind of makeup with sex underwear with


The matching of sexy underwear is not only considering the style and color of the underwear, but also a very important part of makeup.The choice of makeup should be matched with the style and occasion of underwear. A proper makeup can make you more charming.

Sexy style: smoky makeup

Smoked makeup emphasizes the depth and charm of the eyes, and it is very suitable for sexy sexy underwear, such as lace and silk.In addition, it is suitable for the occasion to include dinners and elements.

Cute style: pink makeup

Pink makeup can create a cute and sweet atmosphere. For some cute style of sexy underwear, such as lace lace -decorated underwear, it is a very suitable choice. It is suitable for dating from daily to date.

Dark style style: red makeup

Red lip makeup has an unshakable position, containing a charming power, suitable for matching those black and dark sexy underwear.Suitable occasions include dinner, performance, etc.

Elegant style: natural makeup

Natural makeup does not have too many modifications and tediousness, emphasizing your temperament and natural beauty, and it is very suitable for elegant and erotic underwear, such as exquisite and delicate embroidery and gauze design.Suitable occasions include formal business banquets, dating, etc.

Black style style: silver gray eye makeup

Silver gray eye makeup can bring a mystery and visual impact to the black -style sexy underwear.Suitable occasions include party, nightclubs, etc.

Low -key luxury style: nude makeup

Nude makeup is a low -key luxury representative, which is very suitable for those low -key but full of tastey underwear, such as high -level custom silk underwear.Suitable occasions include formal dinner, gala, etc.

Sweet style: shiny eye makeup

Shining eye makeup is very suitable for cute, sweet style sexy underwear, such as pink, light -colored lace panties.Suitable occasions include daily wear, dating, etc.

Simple style: cat eye makeup

Cat’s eye makeup is a simple but unforgettable classic makeup. With a simple style of sexy underwear, you will make you more fashionable and elegant. It is suitable for business activities and daily wear.

Exaggerated style: color eye makeup

If your sexy underwear is more exaggerated and strange, it is a good choice to match with color eye makeup. The colorful eye makeup can add a lot to the entire shape.Suitable occasions include parties, music festivals, etc.

in conclusion

The above is a suggestion of several sexy lingerie with makeup.Of course, this is just suggestions. The most important thing is to pay attention to your temperament and comfort.Only by making yourself feel comfortable can you make yourself more confident and charming.

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