What kind of sexy underwear material is good

What kind of sexy lingerie is better?

Sex underwear is a kind of accessories that increase sexuality and fun. Materials are key factor affecting comfort, breathability and use.But in today’s market, there are too many types of materials, dazzling, I don’t know how to choose.The following will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of sexy lingerie materials and applicable scenarios from common materials to help you choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.

1. Cotton

Cotton is one of the most common textiles. It is soft and breathable, sweat -absorbing and moisturizing, and comfortable touch.And it is not easy to damage, and the price is more affordable.But cotton cannot resist high temperature. Shining is its biggest disadvantage and is very easy to lose its original form.

2. satin

The satin is high, and the touch of the touch gives people visual and touch.In addition, the satin also has a good breathability, quickly eliminates sweat and wetness, and keeps skin dry.However, because the texture of the satin is too soft, it is easy to form wrinkles, it is not easy to handle, and satin is usually more expensive.

3. lace

Lace is an ancient textile technology that mainly uses nylon fiber or other chemical synthetic fibers as raw materials.Wearing lace sexy underwear, you can find that the curve of the figure is more charming.But lace is a more sensitive fabric. It needs to be careful after putting it on, because its tear wear and other phenomena are inevitable.

4. imitation leather

Image leather is one of the currently popular sexy underwear fabrics, usually made of polyurethane as raw materials.It not only has a gorgeous appearance similar to the leather, but also is easier to maintain, suitable for long -term wear.But long -term friction can also cause damage and affect breathability.

5. Silk

Silk is a precious fabric, full of elegance and princess style.It is soft and light, which makes women feel very charming.Although silk sexy underwear is expensive, if you want to wear a gorgeous sexy underwear, then it is definitely a good choice.However, it is difficult to maintain its perfect state.

6. Acrylic Fiber

Acrylic fiber is a synthesis for making love underwear materials.The sexy lingerie used by acrylic fibers is soft and comfortable, good breathability, easy to maintain and clean, not as soft and smooth as natural silk, but its price may be cheaper than the natural silk erotic underwear of the same size. Please come according to your needs according to your needs.Select the material.

7. Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is a new type of fiber material, and the application of sex underwear has gradually become popular.It is a fiber with high softness and comfort, and it will not be corrupted in a humid environment and is more durable.Its disadvantage is that it is not breathable, so please stay away from as much as possible in the summer.

8. Silk almond almond

Almonds are a kind of fish skin. After processed underwear, the texture is very smooth, very breathable, and relatively thin.Even though it is a relatively new material, it has won high evaluation in the market.

in conclusion:

Based on the characteristics of the above -mentioned sexy lingerie materials, we can consider choosing sexy lingerie materials according to our needs and hobbies when buying underwear, as well as the effects we want to achieve.If you focus on comfort and breathability, it will be better to choose cotton, polyester fiber and other materials; if you want to show your exquisite natural figure, lace and silk, etc.Imitation of leather, silk, etc. is a good choice.However, please keep in mind that the material of sexy underwear must be suitable for yourself, so as to make yourself feel the most comfortable and confident.

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