What kind of sexy underwear wears a thin girl

What kind of sexy underwear wears a thin girl

1. Emphasize curve

For thin girls, the most important thing to wear sexy underwear is to emphasize their own curves.Choose a layered style, or add some elements such as tassels, lace to make the chest, waist and other parts more prominent, thereby creating a different sexy charm.

2. Select the right size

It is very important to choose the right size. Too small or too large underwear will make your body unsightly.Small girls can choose the size of the small number, so that they can highlight their body curve without appearing too tight.

3. Reflect the highlights

In the choice of sex underwear, you should focus on your highlights.For example, if your legs are long, you can choose short sexy underwear to show your long legs, or choose the style of a relatively split design.

4. Fabric selection

When choosing a sexy underwear, thin girls can give priority to the soft and comfortable summer models.For example, good breathability, close -fitting and elastic cotton or silk fabrics.

5. Tighten the curve

Choosing some tightening effects on underwear can shape the body well, but also make the body line look smoother and more sexy.It is not recommended to choose too tight underwear to avoid uncomfortable.

6. chest selection

Small girls should choose according to their chest shape when choosing sexy underwear.If you are A or B cups, you can choose some styles with lace, folds, or sequins to increase the feeling of the chest.If you are a c cup and above, you can choose some unspoken body jackets or chest pads to make your chest fuller.

7. Color matching

Small girls can choose some warm colors when choosing the color of sexy underwear.For example, pink, gray or light tone.It is not recommended to choose too bright and dazzling colors.If you want to try some dark tones, you can choose black or dark gray and other colors.

8. Don’t be too exposed

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to moderate, don’t be too exposed.You can choose some hollow, lace, mesh and other styles, which can highlight sexy, but also pay attention to protecting privacy.

9. Details

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must not ignore the details of details.For example, the quality of the buttons, the smoothness of the zipper, the tailoring of the cuffs and the waist are all the details that need to be paid attention to.Choose a classic and simple style to avoid excessive exaggeration or uncomfortable wear for a long time.

10. Brand and price

When choosing a brand of sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose some brands with more praise and high market reputation.In addition, when buying sexy underwear, you may wish to pay more attention to some Taobao special offers, discount activities, etc., you can buy a relatively cost -effective product at a preferential price.

in conclusion

In general, the key to thin girls should wear sexy and charm. The key is to emphasize their body curve, take into account brand and price choices, and pay attention to details.I believe that following these principles, you will create your own sexy charm.

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