What sexy underwear is not suitable for fat people

What sexy underwear is not suitable for fat people


With the development of society, people’s attitudes towards sex and sex culture are becoming more and more open, and sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of every female sex life.However, for fat people, choosing sexy underwear is full of confusion.So, is the fat man suitable for wearing sexy underwear?This is a topic that needs to be explored.This article will answer this question.

Falling underwear suitable for fat people

The fat man’s body will be different from thin, so you need to be careful when choosing a sexy underwear.Compared to tight bellybands or lace breasts, the following sexy underwear is more suitable for fat people.

Fat -ups that fat people are not suitable for wearing

Although sexy underwear can make women more sexy, for fat people, not all sexy underwear is suitable.Here we have listed some sexy lingerie styles that are not suitable for fat people.

How to choose a size

For fat people, it is particularly important to choose the right size.If the size of the sexy underwear is inappropriate, it will make your body look more bloated.So, how to choose the right size?

How does the fat man match with sexy underwear

In addition to choosing the right sexy underwear, it is also critical to match.Here are some of the sexy underwear suitable for fat people.

Fabrics suitable for fat people

The material of sexy underwear has a lot to do with the figure, which is also very important for fat people to choose suitable fabrics.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Regardless of whether the body is fat or thin, it is essential to maintain sexy underwear.Here are some precautions for the maintenance underwear maintenance.

Common sense of buying sex underwear

When buying sexy underwear, you need to understand some basic common sense. Here are some matters that need to be paid attention to.

The mentality of fat man wearing a fun underwear

Finally, as a fat man, you must have a good attitude to wear sexy underwear, which is the most important.Here are some mentality suggestions in sexy underwear.


Although fat people need to pay special attention to wearing fun underwear, as long as you choose the suitable style, with the appropriate clothing and mentality, the fat man can also wear sexy charm.

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