Whether sexy underwear is white or black or black

Is the sexy underwear white or black?

When you face various color sexy underwear, you will soon find that it is becoming more and more difficult to choose.Although everyone’s taste is different, for your specific needs and situations, it is recommended that we refer to the following analysis to decide what color of sexy underwear to choose.

1. White erotic sheet

The white sex lingerie looks very clean and fresh, giving a pure and innocent feeling.However, white sexy underwear is easier to lose its color compared to other colors, and it is not very eye -catching.In addition, wearing white underwear also has certain limitations. For example, white often increases the sense of restraint, which is not suitable for wearing in some formal occasions.

2. Black color sexy underwear

Black -colored underwear is usually deep and luxurious, giving people a sense of extraordinaryness.It is often more complicated in structure and its design is even more strange.Black -colored underwear can adapt to various focus. Whether in the club or other occasions, wearing will make women more mysterious and attractive.At the same time, black erotic underwear is more practical than other colors of underwear because it is dirty and it is not easy to detect.

3. Selection of different occasions

In public, many people choose fresh and clean white underwear. However, if you are attending a certain party or party, it is recommended to wear black underwear because black erotic underwear is more mysterious and sexy.If you need a piece of underwear, it can be suitable for villas and deeds at the same time. At this time, it is recommended to choose black underwear because it is suitable for various occasions and broad flavors.

4. Sports

Those with well -proportion can choose white sex underwear, because it can strengthen its image to show the ladylike temperament, and the simple white erotic underwear with simple patterns also easily highlights the lines of the chest and waist.For people with slightly fat or fat, black sexy underwear will be more advantageous, because black can attract the attention of others and effectively cover the body shape.

5. Hair color matching

When wearing underwear, you need to consider your physical condition, but also the color matching.For black -haired women who often dye their hair, with black underwear to appear more plump and attractive.For blonde women, white underwear can better show the beautiful curve of women.

6. Local environment

When choosing underwear, you need to consider the environment, especially the venue.In the shooting meeting, company dinner, or formal dinner, choosing white sex underwear can highlight the dignified image and various details of women, and black looks lively and sexy.When you sleep, you will undoubtedly choose light -colored underwear, especially white underwear, which tastes soft and comfortable, more comfortable and warm.

7. Selection of accessories

Whether it is white or black sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose some other colors of accessories to increase the level of overall style and color matching.The huge necklace or large earrings is the only decoration that can well complete the color matching work.

8. Hygiene and maintenance issues

A better way is to consult a doctor about hygiene and maintenance.But it is generally recommended to clean it frequently to keep them clean and soft.In short, whether you choose black or white sexy underwear, you should follow basic health rules.Regular cleaning, ensuring cleaning and drying, can improve the breathing of the fabric and make it more antibacterial and antiviral.

in conclusion:

Before selecting colors, make your needs and situations a decisive factor.If you are participating in a party or small rally, it is very suitable to choose black underwear; if you are participating in company activities or weddings, choose white underwear more decent.In summary, neutral colors such as black and white underwear are good choices. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, which allows you to convey your charm to people as much as possible according to different occasions and environments.

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