Which film is wearing a sexy underwear

Which film is wearing a sexy underwear

In recent years, fun underwear has become a topic of attention in the fashion and film and television industry.In movies and TV series, there are more and more scenes of sexy underwear.So, which film uses the element of sexy underwear in shaping the character image and showing the plot?Below, let’s discuss one by one.

1. "Evil Girl Meng Kiki"

As a representative of domestic dramas, the use of this drama for sexy underwear is quite bold.Meng Qiqi hooks a man all year round. Each episode will wear different styles of sexy underwear to show her sexy and independent side.

2. "Lawyer"

In this drama, the heroine inspects the case in order to "prove herself".This scene not only highlights the character’s character, but also deepen her image, which impresses the audience.

3. "Fanghua"

This movie recalls the youth and dream of that era, and the heroine wearing a sexy underwear is quite surprised.Her courage and courage represent the courage to pursue love and her own value.

4. "Heirs"

In this popular Korean drama, the heroine wearing a sexy lingerie in the room teased the actor.Although this plot is short, it shows the initiative and independence of women in the process of love, which is worth mentioning.

5. "Black Patriotic Team"

In this American drama, female police officers were wearing sexy sexy underwear when searching for gangsters.This use not only increases the visual impact, but also strengthens the tension of the film.

6. "Very Suspect"

The heroine of this movie is wearing a black sexy underwear, which is in line with the theme of the film.The contrast between her behavior and appearance made the audience more curious about her characters and enhanced the viewing experience.

7. "Rise of the Gorilla 3"

In this science fiction blockbuster, the heroine put on a sexy sexy underwear to lure orangutan.This scene not only shows the special atmosphere of time and space in the future, but also allows the audience to feel the gap between the disparity between humans and apes.

8. "Tomb Raider"

In this game adapted, the heroine wore a black sexy sexy underwear.This has formed a unique collision instead of its own image as an explorer, which has attracted people’s attention.

9. "Desire City"

In this TV series, there are many scenes that use sexy underwear. Among them, in order to celebrate their adjustment, the heroine has "interviewed" several sexy sexy underwear, which increases the sense of humor and the communication between women.

10. "Bride Battle"

In this movie, the groom peeled the bride and saw her wearing a sexy underwear, but was mistaken for a friend who was considered a bride.Such a plot cleverly blended the elements such as humor, fun, emergencies, etc., attracting the attention of the audience.

In general, it is not uncommon for movies and TV series to use sexy underwear scenes in movies and TV series. It not only shows the sexy and independent of the character, but also increases the sense of humor in the plot and highlights the character of the character.However, at the same time, there are also problems such as excessive creation and improper publicity of sexual values.Therefore, in the future development, we should treat it rationally and use sexy underwear elements better.

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