Yiwu Interesting Underwear Recycling Tel address

What is Yiwu sexy underwear recycling service?

Yiwu is a well -known domestic sexy underwear production base. Because of the fierce market competition, some merchants have produced two or three types of markets in order to sell cheap sexy underwear.These low -cost, low -quality sexy underwear will affect the overall reputation of the market.In order to protect market information, Yiwu has set up sexy lingerie recycling services.The service can create a reputation for the market and promote the virtuous circle of the entire market.

What is the main content of the service?

The main content of the service is to recover low -quality sexy underwear in the market and then destroy or reuse.At the same time, the service will also detect the recycling sexy underwear to prevent recycling items from flowing into the second and third market again.Finally, by destroying or reuse of recycled sexy underwear to ensure the stability and improvement of the quality of sexy underwear in the market.

What is the advantage of this service?

Yiwu Interesting Underwear Recycling Service is not only a protection measure for the market, but also to protect the interests of consumers.Because only the low -quality sexy underwear is recycled, these products itself has great security risks, and by destroying or reuse these products, it greatly reduces the risk of consumers, thereby increasing consumer purchasing experience, and also enhanced market creditThe degree of mutual trust.

What are the scope of this service?

The scope of this service is suitable for the recovery of sexy underwear in the Yiwu market, and it can also be recycled across regions.The recycling calls and addresses are publicized in the Yiwu market.Due to the limitation of service protection, if you want to participate in the response to Yiyu’s sexy underwear recycling service, you can contact local integrity merchants to understand.

What are the regulations for recycling sex underwear?

The quality regulations for recycling sexy underwear are stricter, and the general recycling standards are different according to market requirements.There are the following specifications:

Whether the loose belt is consistent

Are there any major stains and oil stains?

Whether there is a smell

Whether to use overdue causes aging, deformation, fading

If any of the above quality specifications do not meet, it cannot be recycled.At the same time, the results of the recycling will be publicized to avoid recycling of irregular products.

What are the benefits of recycling sex underwear?

Recycling erotic underwear can effectively reduce low -quality products in the market and improve the quality in the overall erotic underwear market.At the same time, the sexy underwear purchased by users can be strictly tested by the market. There is no risk of product quality that does not meet the norms, establish a new integrity market, and promote the long -term development of the market.

How to recover sexy underwear?

If you want to recycle sex underwear, you can view the standard of recycling of sexy underwear in Yiwu market to ensure that the product meets the requirements, and then call the recycling call publicly announced in the Yiwu market to provide relevant erotic underwear information and the area where it is located.The staff came to collect.

How to destroy the recycling erotic underwear?

The recycled sexy underwear needs to pay attention to environmental protection issues during the destruction process. Therefore, the appropriate environmental treatment method will be selected when destroying.There are mainly the following methods:


Chemical treatment

Physical treatment

Resource conversion processing

Choose different destruction methods according to the specific situation, and seal the sexy underwear after the destruction to ensure that the destroyed sexy underwear will not affect the environment.

How will the future develop?

Yiwu’s Interesting Underwear Recycling Service has achieved great results in protecting the market and protecting consumers.However, in the process of serving the future development process, it is also necessary to study the reuse and resource conversion of recycled sexy underwear.At the same time, it is also necessary to continue to carry out strict control and quality supervision of the recycling quality specifications to ensure that the market is in a healthy and stable development trend.

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