Feier wears fun underwear busties

Introduce Feier

First introduce the protagonist: Feier.

Feier, full name Zhong Feier, is a female model, online celebrities, and anchors in mainland China.Because of its charming big breasts and passion girls, it is loved by the public, becoming one of the well -known sexy underwear spokespersons in China and models taking body art photos.

Feier’s sexy underwear show

As a spokesperson for sex underwear, Feier’s sexy underwear performance is loved by fans.

In a certain photo video of, Feier wore a lace sexy underwear, revealing a round chest, with both charming and sexy performance effects.

What types of sexy underwear are divided into

Sexy underwear is divided into the following types:

Sexy Lingerie

Uniform temptation


Interesting role -playing


Sexy underwear introduction

Sexy underwear refers to a sexy and attractive underwear, which is suitable for wearing at night.It is usually divided into the following:



Solid color


Sexy underwear matching skills

If you want sexy underwear to wear a different feeling, you can try the following skills:

With leather, stockings and high heels, strengthen the overall sexy effect.

With clothing of the same color, wearing effects.

Pay attention to the combination of underwear and body, make the two complement each other and make them look more charming.

Uniform temptation underwear introduction

Uniform temptation of underwear refers to the sexy underwear designed by imitating different professional uniforms or character costumes. Common school uniforms, nurses, stewardess, female teachers, etc.

Uniform seductive underwear matching skills

Uniform temptation underwear matching skills are similar to sexy underwear, you can try the following combination:

With the corresponding shoes and decorations, the overall effect is increased.

Choose a style suitable for your body to highlight the characteristics of the figure and increase your breath.

Introduction to suspender skirt

Sling skirt is a common sexy underwear, consisting of camisole tops, dress or skirts or skirts.

Matching skills of suspenders and skirts

Skidine skirt matching skills are as follows:

With stockings and high heels, emphasize the leg curve to increase the height.

Pay attention to the overall color matching, choose a harmonious underwear and skirt, and keep it simple and generous. Do not decorate too much.

Introduction to sex character playing

Interesting role -playing refers to the way of playing with different roles by wearing special clothing, such as maids, police, female doctors, witch, etc.

The matching technique of sex role performance

Fun role -playing matching skills are as follows:

Pay attention to the details of clothing, so as to perfectly fit the character and highlight the characteristics of the character.

Reasonably match shoes and decorations to increase the sense of role and breath.

Caliar Stockings Introduction

Licrene stockings are a classic sexy underwear. It consists of soft texture stockings and lace design, which can bring people innocence or sweetness.

The matching skills of lace stockings

The matching skills of lace stockings are as follows:

With sexy high heels, increase the overall temperament.

With a mini skirt or shorts, the lace part of the stockings is exposed to increase the temptation.

Point of view

The purpose of sexy underwear is to bring novel vision and experience to people, and it is also a way to express personality and increase temperament.Wearing the right sex underwear can make yourself more confident and charming.

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